The Final Scorecard for the SEC Title Drinking Game

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It’s Monday which means that the tens of thousands of you who were playing along with us during #cbsdrink are probably recovered by now. Lots of y’a’ll are already asking and the answer is, yes, we will have a new drinking game for the rematch between LSU and Alabama. So you have a month of training to get ready. 

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who played, Tweeted, and emailed during the game. As you can see from the above photo, lots of y’all took the rules seriously for your games. 

Thanks to our official scorekeeper, Ashley Young, now you can see exactly how many drinks you would have consumed — or did consume — as you were playing along.  

You can follow Ashley on Twitter at @ashleyay

*Some of these numbers could have varied heavily depending on your state of mind and/or the crowd you were playing with and their degree of sexual perversion.*

Here were the posted rules for the game, and here was the final tally:

1. Georgia’s loss to Boise State was mentioned 4 times.

There were no highlights or graphics.

2. Sexual Innuendos/TWSS/Misc. Ridiculous Statements- This number comes from the #cbsdrink timeline of agreed upon humor:


Drink again.

(I’m not even kidding. I died laughing when I did the final count. You couldn’t have planned this any better.)

3. Jefferson’s/LSU’s Off-the-field Behavior: 5.

There were no graphics shown.

4. “Honey Badger!” (I counted anytime it was said…not just by Verne):


Plus, the Honey Badger graphic and explanation — Wikipedia citing! –, complete with them asking Mathieu whether or not he has seen the video, should count for as much as you wanted.

5. Alabama (I counted anytime they mentioned Alabama, any of their players, or showed them in a graphic): 21

(The majority of these came from the 4th quarter).

6. They never explained how the SEC could get three teams to a BCS game, however, they certainly showed the BCS standings and argued against the system plenty of times.

7. Verne’s Chortle:


8. They never showed Richt’s wife or talked about her.

(Editor’s note, this was however featured in the pregame and the kiss was shown here.)

9. Defenders Out of Position/Gary’s Findings: 18

10. Murray’s Scrambling/Running Ability: 3

11. Verne’s Errors: 11

12. Les Miles Palm Clap: 6

13. Wing from Australia: 3- There was also one sad “joke” about Australia.

14. Verne’s Awesome French: 11

15. Verne and Gary didn’t show off their dog mind-reading abilities.

16. Hott Girls: I’m obviously not the one to ask, since my favorite scenery was Aaron Murray. However, if you played counting only the amount of times the LSU Golden Girls were shown, you could have gotten drunk on this rule alone.

17. They never showed Crowell with a bulldog, but they pronounced his name about five different ways.

18. Verne’s Excited Phrases: 10

19. and 20. 0

The next three most common occurrences would be when they talked about LSU’s team of 4 running backs, Georgia’s dropped passes, and that awful Dr. Pepper commercial.

And with 4 minutes left in the game, they finished everyone off with the amazing video of Les Miles eating grass. They even followed this up with extra commentary by Tracy explaining how he keeps Tiger Stadium grass in his pocket for each game.

If you’ve missed the drinking games, we debuted the first one on OKTC for LSU-Bama, followed it up with Arkansas-LSU, and just completed the SEC championship drinking game on Saturday.

Each drinking game has gotten bigger and bigger — by the national title game, I’m expecting there will be over 100,000 of y’all drinking along.

And, by the way, the number of women playing the game is impressive. Golf clap to the OKTC ladies. Y’all are killing it too.

Written by Clay Travis

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