The F–king Fun Is Over: Village Of F–king, Austria Changes Its Name

2020 strikes again. The days of laughing over the name of an Austrian village and taking pictures in front of the village signs will soon be over as the town (pop. 104) announced it will go through a name change January 1, 2021. The village of F–king, believed to have been founded in the 6th century AD, will now be named Fugging, Austria.

“‘I am confirming that it has in fact been decided by the local council. I will not say any more about it,” Municipal mayor Andrea Holzner said, according to the Daily Mail. ““I really don’t want to say anything more — we’ve had enough media frenzy about this in the past.”

Locals, called F–kingers, are said to have tired of people stealing village signs or stopping to take photos in front of them, often posing as you’d expect. The town of just 32 houses, in a word, is tired of all the f–king around going on in F–king. The joke is f–king old and worn out. If you haven’t had your f–king photo taken in front of the F–king village sign, it’s about f–king time to make it happen before F–king becomes Fugging. It will then return to its formerly sleepy lifestyle before soldiers noticed the town signs during World War II and spread the word about this magical place.

According to, F–king’s “existence was first documented in 1070 and records show that 20 years later its lord was Adalpertus de Fucingin. By 1303, it was known as Fukching and in 1532 the official designation was Fugkhing.”

The Age says F–king “took its modern name, which is pronounced in German with a guttural ‘oo’ sound.”

Now it will change its name once again. The F–king fun is over.

Austrian village name change
F–king, Austria changes its name to Fuggin, Austrlia

Written by Joe Kinsey

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