The Daily Outkick: Wednesday, June 10, 2020

MLBPA Proposes 89-game 2020 Season With Full Prorated Pay And 16-team Postseason, Per Report (CBS Sports) The two sides continued their back and forth Tuesday night.

What’s Next From The Fed Will Help Decide The Course For Markets (CNBC) The Fed has thrown an unprecedented amount of stimulus at markets and the economy, and what it says next may impact the direction of rates and other markets.

Attempting To Answer The Biggest Questions About UFC Fight Island (Bleacher Report) At long last, UFC President Dana White has revealed the location of his widely discussed Fight Island.

The Pathetic Folly Of Crying ‘Fascist’ (New York Post) Confronted by a clear and present fascist threat, the staff of The New York Times rose up last week to humiliate and punish quislings in its ranks.

Carson Wentz Is Massively Underrated (The Big Lead) For some reason, people discount what Wentz has done on the field during his four NFL seasons.

Barr Says Familiar Names Among Those DOJ Is Investigating In Durham Probe, Calls Findings 'Very Troubling' (Fox News) Barr says extremist groups are trying to spin up violence amid Floyd protests, updates Durham investigation.

Jemele Hill And Cari Champion Nearing Deal To Host Show On VICE (Outkick) Discussions for the show’s start date are ongoing. It is likely that it will launch as soon as this summer.

The Deaths That Don’t Fit The ‘defund The Police’ Narrative (Washington Post) It’s hard to chant “defund the police” while demanding justice for a retired black police captain and a young federal officer who gave their lives, or the other innocent black Americans who were killed during the riots.

Gronk’s Replacing Florida School’s Football Equipment After Arson Destruction (Outkick) You need some good news and that good news comes to us via Gronk who announced he’s stepping up for a Tampa-area high school that lost all its football equipment after an arson (allegedly) lit a storage shed on fire.

The Short, Fraught History Of The ‘Thin Blue Line’ American Flag (Politico) The controversial version of the U.S. flag has been hailed as a sign of police solidarity and criticized as a symbol of white supremacy.

Which Market Has The Highest-rated Local TV Announcers? (Awful Announcing) In Milwaukee, you can turn on a local professional sports game and know you’re getting a great broadcast. That isn’t true for every market in the country.

HBO Max Pulls ‘Gone With The Wind,’ Citing Racist Depictions (New York Times) The streaming service said it planned to eventually bring the 1939 film back “with a discussion of its historical context.”