The Daily Outkick: Tuesday, July 7, 2020

What To The Intelligent Is Colin Kaepernick? A Fraud (Outkick) I respect the history of my ancestors. I take pride in our rise. But slavery does not remotely define my identity. It doesn’t tell you anything about me. I don’t look at the world through the eyes of a slave.

Google, Facebook And Twitter Suspend Review Of Hong Kong Requests For User Data (Wall Street Journal) Actions follow China’s imposition of a national-security law on the city.

Patrick Mahomes Blockbuster Deal Even Bigger Than We Thought (Outkick) Now we are learning that the deal could be worth north of HALF A BILLION dollars.

U.S. Is ‘Looking At’ Banning Tiktok And Chinese Social Media Apps, Pompeo Says (CNBC) His comments come amid continued rising tensions between the U.S. and China and as scrutiny on TikTok and Chinese technology firms continues to grow.

ESPN Signs Colin Kaepernick To Production Deal, Embraces Wokecenter (Outkick) ESPN has officially embraced WokeCenter programming and are turning their back on the vast majority of their audience who just wants sports and sports news — they’ve signed Colin Kaepernick to a production deal and will be producing a documentary on his life.

ESPN Is Moving Backward, Alienating Sports Fans With Every Move (Outkick) ESPN inked a production deal with Colin Kaepernick for a documentary on his life; Jemele Hill is producing the doc.This move says all you need to know about the decision making at ESPN right now.

Eagles' Desean Jackson Accused Of Anti-semitism After Posting Quotes Attributed To Hitler, Praising Farrakhan (Fox News) Jackson highlighted three paragraphs from a book that attributed the quotes to Hitler. He posted the picture of the highlighted passages to his Instagram.

Supreme Court Rules States Can Penalize Faithless Electors (Axios) The Supreme Court unanimously ruled Monday that states can penalize faithless electors, the members of the Electoral College who do not support the winner of their state's popular vote in a presidential election.

Bryson Dechambeau’s Power Boost Is Off The Charts (538) His newfound driving ability is in the Happy Gilmore range.

Liquor Store Worker Beat Adam Schefter To Patrick Mahomes Contract News (Outkick) Adam Schefter was scooped on the Patrick Mahomes contract news and it wasn’t Ian Rapoport winning the war of sources against Schefty. It was reportedly a Kansas City liquor store employee who had the big news.

Charlie Daniels, Fiddling Force In Country And Rock, Dies At 83 (New York Times) He was a singer, songwriter, bandleader and a blazing fiddle player on hits like “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”