The Daily Outkick: Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Mookie Betts Trade Is Unprecedented In Baseball History (The Ringer) No one this young and this good has ever been traded.

Senate Acquits Trump On Both Impeachment Articles (Wall Street Journal) The Senate vote to acquit marked a clear victory for the president, underscoring his primacy in the GOP and the end to a process that had hung over the past several months of his presidency.

NBA Trades That Need To Happen Before The Deadline (SI) The NBA trade deadline is near and the action is picking up. What other deals should happen?

Trump Barrels Into 2020 Campaign, Emboldened After Acquittal (AP) With the final gavel banging down Wednesday on impeachment, President Donald Trump barreled ahead in his reelection fight with a united Republican Party behind him, and emboldened by reassuring poll numbers and chaos in the Democratic race to replace him.

For The Yankees, Astros’ Punishment Brought Anger And Vindication (New York Times) Many Yankees were bitter over the idea of losing two playoff series to a team exposed as cheaters. But M.L.B.’s investigation also confirmed suspicions they’d held for years about the Astros.

Bernie Sanders Raises A Staggering $25 Million In January To Fuel Super Tuesday Push (CNBC) It plans to put $5.5 million toward ads in the critical Super Tuesday slate, which includes the delegate-rich states of California and Texas.

XFL Rules: Explaining All The Rule Differences Between The XFL And NFL (For The Win) The 2020 XFL season will begin this weekend, and you may be a little confused by the league’s new rules. Here’s a primer on all the major rule changes and differences from standard NFL rules.

Our Post-Iowa Primary Forecast Is Up, And Biden’s Chances Are Down (538) Now that we finally have some clarity on Iowa’s results — with 86 percent of precincts reporting — we’ve turned our primary model back on, including its estimates of the potential fallout from Iowa.

Nearly 3,000 Dodgers And Yankees Fans To Greet Astros At First Series In Anaheim (Yahoo! Sports) Pantone 294, a traveling group of Dodgers fans, has secured 2,727 tickets to the Angels’ home opener in Anaheim, which happens to be against the Astros. You can probably guess what they plan to do at the game.

Coronavirus Death Toll Reaches 565 (Axios) The CDC confirmed Wednesday that 12 people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with coronavirus, including two who were infected person-to-person rather than via travel to China.

“The Scheme,” A Documentary Focusing On NCAA/Adidas Wire Fraud Figure Christian Dawkins, Is Coming To HBO (Awful Announcing) "This story is surprising in every way imaginable and goes far beyond the limits of a college recruiting scandal."