The Daily Outkick: Thursday, August 15, 2019

Jay-Z Expresses Plan To Inspire Change, But NFL Partnership Met With Skepticism (SI) “This is bigger than music. This is bigger than sports. This is about unifying America.”

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Ends Mediation Talks Without Agreement (Wall Street Journal) The two-day talks between the players and the U.S. Soccer Federation were an effort to settle a gender-discrimination lawsuit.

History Says Patrick Mahomes Should Regress In 2019. History Has Never Seen Anyone Like Patrick Mahomes. (The Ringer) The Chiefs phenom had the best debut season of any quarterback in NFL history. Could he be even better in Year 2?

John Hickenlooper Is Dropping Out Of The Presidential Race (Axios) Hickenlooper has been facing pressure from other Democrats, including Sen. Chuck Schumer, to withdraw from the presidential race and run for Senate in Colorado.

Louisiana Supreme Court Pauses Rams-Saints Lawsuit (Yahoo! Sports) Good news, NFL: Commissioner Roger Goodell won’t have to testify in September. Bad news, NFL: Goodell may still have to testify.

Star Trek Is ViacomCBS’s Best Hope For Streaming Greatness (The Verge) Viacom’s merger with CBS propels a new giant.

Tiger And Serena Confront Twilight And Aching Backs (New York Times) They were the greatest players of their generation, perhaps any generation. But time eventually catches up with everyone.

Strategist: Yield Curves Predict ‘Absolutely Nothing,’ And Central Banks ‘Never Run Out Of Bullets’ (CNBC) Fears are rising that a recession looms after a closely watched market metric flashed a warning signal, but one strategist told CNBC the supposed indicator “predicts absolutely nothing.”

Why Jimmy Garappolo Throwing 5 Straight Interceptions In 49ers Practice Isn't A Big Deal (For The Win) It was an awful day for Garoppolo but this sort of thing happens to even the best quarterbacks. On Monday, Tom Brady had thrown four interceptions in Patriots practice by 10:26 A.M.

California Man, 41, Dies After Participating In Taco-Eating Contest At Baseball Game (People) Following the tragedy, the Fresno Grizzlies canceled their upcoming taco-eating contest as part of their Taco Truck Throwdown on Saturday.

How Happy Should SEC Fans Be With Their Head Coach? (Saturday Down South) We break down how happy each SEC fan base should be with their coach from 0 (fire them yesterday) to 10 (finish that statue before week one).