The Daily Outkick: Thursday, April 16, 2020

Drugs And Stunts Cited In Plane Crash That Killed Roy Halladay (New York Times) The Hall of Fame pitcher had high levels of amphetamine and other prescription drugs in his system when he crashed off the Florida coast in 2017, a federal report said.

U.S. Unemployment Claims Likely Continued At Record Levels (Wall Street Journal) Report is likely to show the number of Americans receiving unemployment payments topped 10 million.

Why Tua Tagovailoa Concerns Feel Like A Smokescreen, And More Draft Notes (CBS Sports) The reports of Tua's stock falling seem a little contrived. Here's why.

Sources Believe Coronavirus Originated In Wuhan Lab As Part Of China's Efforts To Compete With US (F0x Sports) What all of the sources agree about is the extensive cover-up of data and information about COVID-19 launched by the Chinese government.

Cleveland Browns Unveil Highly Anticipated Uniforms (SI) After five long years and plenty of recent build up, the Cleveland Browns have finally unveiled the uniforms they will be wearing for the foreseeable future.

Coffee Prices Rally As Coronavirus Lockdowns See Drinkers Caffeinate At Home (CNBC) Analysts told CNBC consumer demand for coffee has not faltered despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Forget Robots. These Very Real Humans Want To Umpire The Future Of Baseball (Yahoo! Sports) Robot Umpires Remain An Inevitability. An Electronic System For Calling Balls And Strikes At The Highest Level Of Baseball Is A Matter Of When And Not If.

The Shutdown Backlash Is Coming Soon—with A Vengeance (Politico) It’s possible to support the stay-at-home order and still deeply resent it.

The Atlanta Falcons Are Hoarding First-Round Talent (538) They’re set to open the 2020 season with at least 10 offensive starters boasting first-round pedigrees — and they could go a perfect 11 for 11 depending on how the battle for the team’s third wide receiver shakes out.

How Coronavirus Antibody Tests Will Help (Axios) Health care workers and those in other front-line, highly vulnerable sectors will likely benefit the most as new tests come on the market to determine whether a person has had the coronavirus.

Gus Malzahn Discusses Struggles Of Virtually Recruiting (247 Sports) College football recruiting during the coronavirus pandemic has taken a major turn. Coaches have had to make many adjustments, as no in-person visits are allowed through May 31.

Possible Chinese Nuclear Testing Stirs U.S. Concern (Wall Street Journal) Beijing might secretly be conducting small nuclear tests at its Lop Nur site, report says.

The Last Dance Is Really Damn Good And A Much-needed Escape (Awful Announcing) The Last Dance is everything that you want it to be.