The Daily Outkick: Friday, January 24, 2020

Eli Manning’s Career Is Incomparable (The Ringer) How should we remember the playing days of the NFL’s most average dynasty destroyer?

Coronavirus Cases Rise To More Than 800 Worldwide As China Confirms Death Toll Has Risen To 25 (CNBC) The fast-spreading infection prompted local authorities to quarantine several major cities and cancel Lunar New Year’s events in Beijing.

Rob Manfred Knows It's Time For Him To Act (SI) Entering a new five-year term, the MLB commissioner shares his views on sign stealing, pace of play, juiced balls and more.

Chinese Coronavirus Outbreak Traced Back To Snakes, Study Finds (StudyFinds) The emergence of a new coronavirus strain in Wuhan, China last month has put the entire world on alert.

Report: Antonio Brown Turns Himself In To Police After Alleged Battery Incident (Yahoo! Sports) Brown is being charged with felony burglary with battery, burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and criminal mischief, according to ESPN, after allegedly attacking a moving truck driver outside of his home.

Jobs, Cook, Ive—Blevins? The Rise Of Apple’s Cost Cutter (Wall Street Journal) Apple procurement executive Tony Blevins’s job is to stare down suppliers and slash prices to the bone, an increasingly vital role.

An Early Look At The Top 32 NFL Draft-eligible College Football Players Taking The Field In 2020 (CBS Sports) There's plenty of talent returning to college football this season.

Democrats Struggle To Count To Four (Axios) Democrats may fall short of securing the minimum number of Republican senators needed to bring new witnesses into President Trump's impeachment trial, 10 senior staffers to key Senate Republicans tell Axios.

Mike Florio Rightly Gets Crushed For Saying The 49ers Should Try To Hit Mahomes Late (For The Win) Mike Florio, the owner/founder of ProFootball Talk, offered his thoughts on how to defend Mahomes and he took it to a pretty careless level.

CNN's Chris Cuomo Rips 'Trumpers' For Attacking 'Kid' Greta Thunberg (Fox News) Critics Remind Him Of Sandmann Settlement.

New Editor Of Dead Deadspin Jim Rich (who Somehow Claims He’s Not A Scab) Says “I Don’t Want To See Deadspin Die.” He’s A Bit Late. (Awful Announcing) Rich has been named to head the new "Deadspin," but there's little reason to believe it will share more than a name and a URL with the old site.