The Daily Outkick: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Why Tom Brady Chose The Buccaneers (The Ringer) The greatest quarterback of all time is going to … Tampa Bay? It may seem like an odd marriage at first, but a deeper look at the details shows this union makes plenty of sense for both sides.

U.S. Futures And Global Stocks Resume Falls (Wall Street Journal) Declines come after Tuesday’s rebound on Wall Street.

Report: Kevin Durant Among Four Nets Players To Test Positive For Coronavirus (SI) Nets star Kevin Durant is among the team’s four players who have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

Biden Sweeps Three States, Doubles Delegate Lead Over Sanders, NBC News Projects (CNBC) Biden has passed the halfway mark and is well on his way to the 1,991 delegates he needs to win a majority of all delegates and capture the Democratic presidential nomination.

What Virus? The I.O.C. Says The Summer Olympics Will Go On (New York Times) Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee, said the Games can happen this summer, even as so many other events on the sports calendar have been postponed.

Can You Catch Coronavirus From Surfaces? (Fox News) The CDC’s website says surfaces can be contaminated with COVID-19. The website added, though, that there are no known cases that started in that manner.

Philip Rivers To Join Colts On 1-year, $25M Deal (ESPN) Former Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers and the Indianapolis Colts have reached an agreement on a one-year, $25 million deal, a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

States Order Bars And Restaurants To Close Due To Coronavirus (Axios) State governments are increasingly calling for the closure of bars and restaurants, a drastic step to enforce “social distancing” that follows similar measures in Europe.

The Men’s NCAA Teams That Might Have Given Us March Magic (538) Normally, Tuesday would have been the first day of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, a day when overachievers like Florida State start dreaming of storybook endings.

Americans Are Very Likely To Get $1,000 (or More) Checks. Here’s What You Need To Know. (Washington Post) Romney suggested sending every American such a sum to help amid the coronavirus outbreak. The plan received thumbs up from Trump and lawmakers and economists across the political spectrum.

Cam Newton Denies Wanting Trade, Accuses Panthers Of Manipulating Narrative (The Big Lead) Cam Newton responded to the Panthers’ Instagram account denying he wants to be traded, accused the team of manipulating the narrative, and said he was “forced” into the situation.

Jared Leto Just Learned About Coronavirus After Returning From Desert Retreat (Variety) Jared Leto said he first learned about the coronavirus pandemic Tuesday, after emerging from a 12-day meditation retreat in the desert.

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