The Daily Outkick: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

American League Holds Off The National League To Win Its 7th Straight All-Star Game (SI) It wasn’t as thrilling as Monday’s Home Run Derby, but the 2019 All-Star Game did exactly what it was supposed to do—showcase the best of baseball.

Trump Barred Jeffrey Epstein From Mar-a-Lago Over Sex Assault: Court Docs (New York Post) The filing is dated April 2011, well before Trump ascended to the presidency.

Extended Recording Of Tyreek Hill Arguing With Fiancee Released By Radio Station (Yahoo! Sports) Kansas City sports station 610 KCSP aired the entire 11-plus minute conversation, which was recorded in a Dubai airport earlier this year.

H. Ross Perot, Texas Billionaire Who Twice Ran For President, Dies At 89 (Wall Street Journal) He rose from Depression-era poverty to become one of the country’s richest men as founder of computer-services giant EDS

‘Just Come Out And Say It’: Players Want Answers On The Changing Ball (New York Times) The numbers show that the baseball used in the majors is flying farther than before. While M.L.B. insists it wasn’t intentional, players just want to know how — and why — it happened.

Netflix Has Now Lost Two Of Its Most Popular Shows As Old Media Companies Flex Their Muscle (CNBC) Disney, AT&T’s WarnerMedia, and Comcast’s NBCUniversal are all launching direct-to-consumer streaming services by the first quarter of 2020. And they’re all coming after Netflix.

A Better Way To Evaluate NBA Defense (538) The best NBA defender since the 2013-14 season by our new DRAYMOND metric is … Draymond Green.

Embattled Biden Ditches Rose Garden Strategy (Politico) Joe Biden wasn’t going to punch down at opponents, or embark on any apology tours for past votes or statements. Creating a sense of inevitability was the goal. That strategy is now out the window.

Rumor Has It: A Roundup Of The Bizarre Media Circus That Surrounded Kawhi Leonard’s Free Agency (The Ringer) Three reporters, a college student, and a Redditor walk into a bar.

Listen To Rich Paul Explain Why Anthony Davis Waived $4 Million Lakers Trade Kicker (The Big Lead) This was a glimpse of Paul he has rarely shown, if ever, and there’s a difference between an SI cover story where the writer accumulates the details and just hearing him engaged in a free-flowing conversation.

Microsoft Might Crush Slack Like Facebook Crushed Snapchat (Vox) Microsoft Teams isn’t better than Slack, but it is freer.

Paul Finebaum Believes Nick Saban’s Inability To Keep Continuity On The Alabama Staff Could Signal Trouble (Saturday Down South) Finebaum shared his reaction upon seeing recent comments from five-star high school receiver Julian Fleming.

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