The Daily Outkick: Wednesday, August 28, 2019

How The Influence Of Al Davis Shaped The Modern NFL (SI) On the occasion of the NFL’s 100th season, you can tell the story of the league through the work of 100 essential figures … or you can tell the story of the league through one rebellious, unparalleled innovator: Al Davis.

The Great Democratic Gamble (Axios) Democrats are increasingly taking far-left positions most would not have dreamed of — or dared — taking three short years ago.

Pete Alonso Is The Mets’ Single-Season Home Run King (New York Times) Alonso, 24, hit his 42nd home run of the season to take a franchise record that was shared by Todd Hundley and Carlos Beltran.

Jim Mattis: Duty, Democracy And The Threat Of Tribalism (Wall Street Journal) Lessons in leadership from a lifetime of service, from fighting in the Marines Corps to working for President Donald Trump.

‘Hard Knocks’ Episode 4 Recap: “Knock On Wood If You’re With Me” (The Ringer) The penultimate episode of the HBO miniseries saw the Raiders take a field trip to Winnipeg for a preseason game that did not go well. As for Antonio Brown, well, your guess is as good as anyone’s.

DC Consultant’s Alleged Affair With Ilhan Omar Is Front And Center In Divorce Papers (Fox News) The wife of a prominent Washington political consultant has filed for divorce, claiming her husband made a “devastating and shocking” revelation that he was having an affair with freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar.

DeMarcus Cousins Being Investigated By NBA Following Leaked Audio Footage Of Alleged Domestic Altercation Emerges (CBS Sports) According to court documents obtained by ESPN, Cousins’ ex-girlfriend is seeking a restraining order against the center in Alabama.

SAT Drops Supplemental ‘Adversity Score’ Amid Criticism (New York Post) The non-profit organization that administers SAT tests will drop the so-called “adversity score,” which combined neighborhood and school factors to produce a single number to supplement a student’s test score.

Is This The Year Georgia Finally Wins The College Football Playoff? (538) They have the talent, but Alabama could stand in the way again.

VMAs Hit All-Time Ratings Low For 3rd Straight Year (Hollywood Reporter) Complete viewership numbers for all 12 channels tallies 4.9 million, also down about 6 percent from last year’s 5.2 million viewers (on 10 channels).

QB Curve: Jake Fromm Is College Football’s Most Indispensable Player (Saturday Down South) As deep as Georgia’s roster is every other respect, it cannot afford to go for long without No. 11.

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