The Daily Outkick: Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Russell Wilson Got the Richest Deal in NFL History. Now Comes the Hard Part. (The Ringer) Seattle still faces tough questions on defense and about its offensive strategy.

15 Months Of Fresh Hell Inside Facebook (Wired) Scandals. Backstabbing. Resignations. Record profits. Time Bombs.

NBA Playoff Openers Mauled By Tiger, “Thrones” (Sports Media Watch) The NBA may want to reconsider starting its postseason on the same weekend as the Masters

The Lightning Could Make History For All The Wrong Reasons (538) Less than a week ago, the Tampa Bay Lightning were heavy betting favorites to win the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately, their astonishing regular-season form hasn’t carried over to the postseason.

Netflix Subscriber Count Rises, But Growth Slows At Home (Wall Street Journal) Weakness in the U.S. reinforces importance of international markets for the media company.

‘It’s Almost Miraculous’: Tiger Woods’s Return From Back Surgery Is A Medical Marvel (Washington Post) “It is remarkable that he did it. That’s all I can say: It’s absolutely remarkable. I would have never given him a chance.”

Notre-Dame Attic Was Known As ‘The Forest.’ And It Burned Like One. (New York Times) Exactly how the fire broke out is now the subject of an intensive investigation by the French authorities.

What Does Kyler Murray Really Want? (SI) For the 2019 draft’s most intriguing prospect (and presumptive No. 1 pick), are there clues to his future in his father’s past?

The Digital Babysitter Generation (Axios) Parents are relying more than ever on digital babysitters and device-led playtime to entertain their children — and the wide range of content is making it increasingly difficult to monitor what their kids are seeing.

Max Kellerman Farted All Throughout This ‘First Take’ Debate And Tried Covering It Up (Sporting News) The views counted from Reddit eventually led the video trending on the top 10 of YouTube.

Netflix Posts Record Subscriber Gain In Q1 (Variety) Weak Forecast Pushes Stock Down

March Madness Fuels State’s Biggest Month Of Sports Betting (The Danville News) Pennsylvania’s sports wagering revenue jumped more than 40 percent in March.

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Outkick the Show: Wednesday, April 17, 2019