The Daily Outkick: Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Giants Saved Their Most Embarrassing Flop for Prime Time (New York Post) We now come to the portion of the season for the Giants when pleading is the only hope for Eli Manning and his truly pathetic offense.

Rae Carruth’s Story Isn’t His Release, But the Son Who Survived (SB Nation) Chancellor Lee Adams survived, an 18-year-old who has cerebral palsy and brain damage as a result of being without oxygen for 70 minutes in the womb when his mother died.

The Caravan to Nowhere (WSJ) When migration becomes a political weapon to foment border chaos, leaders have no choice other than to step in and protect national security. Exhibit A are the 4,000 or so Central Americans moving on foot through Mexico to the U.S.

Jon Gruden Won’t Tell His Players About Amari Cooper Trade Until Wednesday (CBS Sports) Gruden reportedly doesn’t plan to address his team about the trade until Wednesday.

Amari Cooper Trade: Dallas in Desperation Mode (SI) It’s hard to fathom the reasons why Dallas decided to give up valuable draft capital—a first-round pick—for Cooper, who has not been at his best over the past two seasons. But let’s try to put the Cowboys’ desperation maneuver in perspective.

The Jaguars’ Defense Isn’t Playing Well Enough To Win With Bortles Anymore (538) The real reason for the team’s struggles is that its super-human defense is not merely regressing as expected in forcing turnovers and converting them into touchdowns — it’s collapsing.

A New Option for N.B.A. Prospects: The Million-Dollar Intern (New York Times) Darius Bazley, a top basketball prospect, is skipping college and charting a new path for draft prep: earning $1 million as an intern for New Balance.

Derek Carr has “Fractured Relationship” with Teammates (Yahoo Sports) The reportedly fractured relationship between Carr and his teammates is rooted in a loss of confidence in the quarterback, as exacerbated by game film against the Seahawks that “showed what looked like him crying after being sacked and injuring his arm.”

How Russian Trolls Inflamed the NFL’s Anthem Controversy (WSJ) Russia-linked Twitter accounts sent more than 12,000 tweets about the NFL or the anthem in their alleged efforts to sow discord.

The Five Worst Bad Betting Beats From NFL Week 7/CFB Week 8 (SI) So get ready to shield your eyes and wipe the sweat away from your forehead, as we dive into betting purgatory.

Breaking Down the 15 Remaining College Football Playoff Contenders (Yahoo Sports) We’re over halfway through the regular season, yet still a little more than a week away from the College Football Playoff releasing its first set of rankings.

Battle for the GOP’s Soul? Trump Has Won (WSJ) Conservatives who disdained Trump and considered many of his views heretical are increasingly drifting toward him.

Alabama, LSU Set For Top-Four Showdown (CBS Sports) It’s going to be a long wait for Nov. 3, but everything is in place for what should be one of the most highly anticipated games of the entire season.

Divided Democrats Struggle to Answer Trump’s Claims on Migrant Caravan (MySanAntonio) Democrats are struggling to respond to President Donald Trump and his Republican allies, who are casting the caravan of thousands of migrants headed toward the U.S.-Mexico border as a failure of Democrats to help enact immigration policy in the GOP-controlled Congress.

Things Keep Getting Worse for Cardinals with Patrick Peterson’s Reported Trade Request (AZ Central) The Cardinals have been through hard times before since moving to Arizona in 1988, the first 20 years or so for instance. But they have never been worse than the past four months.

Here’s the Tax Bite on $1.6 Billion Mega Millions and $620 Million Powerball Jackpots (CNBC) While it’s anyone’s guess who will end up winning the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots, there’s at least one guaranteed recipient of a chunk of the loot — the IRS.



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