The Daily Outkick: Monday, October 14, 2019

Astros Beat Yankees As Bullpen Battle Ends With One Swing (New York Times) Houston evened the A.L.C.S. when Carlos Correa’s home run in the 11th ended a long battle between two bullpens.

Executives Rethink Social-Media Policies After China Dust-Up (Wall Street Journal) Companies set the rules when it comes to public expression by corporate executives

The Starting 11: Georgia Georgia’d Edition (Outkick) The Georgia Bulldogs, the perpetually star-crossed team which can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory more than any program in the country, lost a home game they were favored to win by 21+ over a South Carolina team playing its third string quarterback.

Warren’s Rise Hasn’t Come At Biden’s Expense (538) Biden’s numbers are steady in post-Ukraine polls.

The Dolphins Won The Tank Bowl By Losing (The Ringer) A dropped pass on a bizarre, late two-point conversion attempt allowed Miami to keep its winless record intact against Washington, and continue to confuse the football-watching public

White House Looks To Steady Ship After Week From Hell (Axios) President Trump has signaled 3 moves that, while modest in substance, throw scraps of reassurance to anxious Republicans.

Tyler Skaggs Investigation Turns Toward Legal Battle In Report Angels Employee Supplied Drugs (SI) A new report on the investigation hints at a looming legal fallout—a fallout that could implicate Angels employees with serious wrongdoing and lead to both criminal charges and civil litigation.

Schiff: I ‘Should’ve Been Much More Clear’ About Whistleblower Contact (New York Post) Various House Republicans have called for Schiff to step down as committee chair and be censured on the House floor.

Embarrassing Loss To The Jets Sends Cowboys Careening Into Another ‘Fire Garrettober’ (Yahoo! Sports)The Cowboys and head coach Jason Garrett have once again reverted into a familiar seasonal groove of mediocrity.

Superstar German DJ ‘Permanently Banned’ From China For Liking A ‘South Park’ Tweet (CNBC) “South Park” stirred up controversy with an episode called “Band in China” which pokes fun at the country’s strict censorship regime and ridicules American firms doing business there.

College Football Updated Polls: AP Top 25, Coaches Poll Rankings After Week 7 (Sporting News) The latest set of Coaches Poll and AP Top 25 rankings are here, and they reflect several upsets and top-25 matchups from Saturday.

Billionaires Could Face Up To 97.5 Percent Tax Rates Under Sanders’ Plan: Economists (Fox News) Billionaires would face a 62 percent average effective tax rate under Warren.

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