The Daily Outkick: Monday, August 12, 2019

Antonio Brown’s Helmet Drama Is Exactly What Jon Gruden And The Raiders Bargained For (SI) No one, especially not in Oakland or Pittsburgh, should be surprised that the All-Pro wideout is acting weird—it’s been his M.O. for months, and a big contract only reinforced it.

BlackRock Takes Stake In Owner Of Sports Illustrated, Nine West (Wall Street Journal) Deal values Authentic Brands at more than $4 billion including debt.

For The Cleveland Browns, The Biggest Win Is Stability (New York Times) The expectations are high this season, and the whole organization knows it. That hasn’t stopped the Browns from having fun.

Epstein Was Reportedly Left Alone And Not Monitored Before He Killed Himself In Manhattan Jail Cell (CNBC) The Federal Bureau of Prisons is under intense scrutiny for not keeping Epstein on suicide watch after his first apparent suicide attempt.

The Chiefs Have a Plan for Patrick Mahomes’s Upcoming Mega-extension (The Ringer) Kansas City’s team-building decisions will become more complicated when it comes time to make Mahomes very rich. But the Chiefs have been prepared for that moment ever since they drafted him.

Democrats Of All Ages Agree On Nothing (The Atlantic) How did Democratic Party icons like Barack Obama come to symbolize all the problems of yore?

Mike Trout’s One Rule For Hitting (538) The best player in the game also puts himself in the most favorable positions.

Watch A Drone Take Over A Nearby Smart TV (Wired) Smart TVs today can fall prey to any number of hacker tricks—including one still-viable radio attack, stylishly demonstrated by a hovering drone.

Kelly Bryant Responds To Clemson’s Decision To Not Give Him Championship Ring (Saturday Down South) “A ring is a ring. I’m in Missouri, and I don’t play any mind to that. Everybody else can make a story about it, which it’s not really a story.”

The Real Story Behind The Movie Leonardo DiCaprio Never Wants You To See (New York Post) “Don’s Plum,” an ad-libbed, mid-1990s indie film that’s been banned from ever being shown in the US and Canada, features Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire.

Umpire Angel Hernandez Made Incorrect Calls On All 3 Of Joey Votto’s Strikeouts (For The Win) As we have pointed out numerous times over the years, umpire Angel Hernandez is bad at his job.

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