The Daily Outkick: Monday, April 20, 2020

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In ‘The Last Dance,’ Michael Jordan And The Bulls Still Dominate (New York Times) ESPN’s new 10-part documentary doesn’t ask Big Questions. But it does go big on a team whose personalities and feats warrant just this sort of excess.

Trump Revs Up For A State-by-state Fight Over Coronavirus Shutdowns (Politico) The president has said the onus for reopening states lies with their leaders, but he has also tried to pressure governors into restarting businesses.

Baseball Without Fans Sounded Crazy. It Might Just Work. (Wall Street Journal) Local lawmakers and public-health experts have given cautious backing to the idea, even if it still remains far-off and full of complex medical and logistical obstacles.

Senate Nears $370 Billion Deal For Coronavirus Small Business Loan Programs (CNBC) As of Sunday night, Senate Democrats and Republicans were negotiating a deal that would allocate $310 billion more into the Paycheck Protection Program, setting aside $60 billion for rural and minority groups.

The NFL’s Quest To Quantify Quarterback Evaluation (The Ringer) The most important position in sports is also one of the most difficult to analyze. But thanks to new models and data-inclined front offices, teams are closer to predicting QB prospects’ success than ever before.

Cuomo Says New York Will Begin “Aggressive” Antibody Testing This Week (Axios) Antibody tests can confirm whether a person may have had the coronavirus but was asymptomatic. They’re necessary to be able to understand the scale of the outbreak and to potentially reopen the economy.

NFL Issues Fashion Code For Virtual Draft (Yahoo! Sports) The league has issued a long list of what is not acceptable, including fashions that might be deemed political statements.

Lindsay Graham: ‘We Ought To Sanction The Hell Out Of China’ (Mediaite) “I would like to put sanctions on China not just for the United States, but for the entire world. This is the third pandemic to come out of China. Enough is enough.”

Kobe Bryant Crash Victims’ Families File Wrongful Death Suits (New York Post) The families claim Island Express “negligently and carelessly breached its duty to own, lease, manage, maintain, control, entrust, charter and operate the helicopter in question in a reasonable manner,” TMZ reported, citing court documents.

Nobody’s Buying Clothes Right Now. So Stores Are Filing For Bankruptcy. (Vox) Neiman Marcus could file for Chapter 11 as early as this week.

Director Of ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ Explains Obama Chyron (Fox News) Barack Obama, the nation’s 44th president, was identified in a chyron as, former Chicago resident, Entertainment Weekly reported. Bill Clinton, another former president was identified as the former Arkansas governor.

Mark Zuckerberg Explains Plans For Facebook Health Surveys To Research And Combat Coronavirus (ABC News) The CEO spoke exclusively to ABC News about the research with Carnegie Mellon.

I Was Supposed To Run The Boston Marathon Today. Instead I Created My Own. (Washington Post) When the famed race was postponed because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, I decided to replace the prestigious with the personal and run my own race.

Want To Ditch Zoom? Jitsi Offers An Open-Source Alternative (Wired) As we spend more time on videoconferences, concerns mount about trust. Emil Ivov says you shouldn’t have to trust anyone.

Joe Buck Turns Down $1 Million Offer To Do Play-By-Play For Porn Site (The Big Lead) Because he’s Joe Buck, he turned the offer down so in entertaining fashion.

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