The Daily Outkick: Friday, May 10, 2019

The Chicago Cubs Are Run By Hypocritical Idiots (Outkick) So the Cubs are fine with employing a baseball player — and paying him millions of dollars — despite the fact that he beat a woman, but they draw the line at Internet prank hand gestures from fans?

Jeff Bezos Unveils Blue Origin’s Vision For Space, And A Moon Lander (New York Times) In a choreographed presentation, the Amazon founder said he wants to build the infrastructure for humans to live in space.

Cardinals’ Kyler Murray Gets Immediate Financial Reward For Choosing Football Over Baseball (Washington Post) The NFL draft’s No. 1 pick will receive approximately $35 million in guaranteed money, per reports, far more than he would have initially made with the Oakland A’s.

The Most Anxious Generation Goes To Work (Wall Street Journal) New college graduates report higher levels of anxiety. How managers can help them steer past fear and improve work performance—and how young workers can work to calm their anxiety and be more effective.

NHL Explains Controversial Overturned Goal In Sharks-Avalanche Game 7 (Yahoo! Sports) According to the NHL, “All players of the offending team clear the zone at the same instant (skate contact with the blue line) permitting the attacking players to re-enter the attacking zone …”

Women Are Filing More Harassment Claims In The #MeToo Era. They’re Also Facing More Retaliation. (Vox) The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported that sexual harassment complaints rose 13.6 percent last year.

Kevin Durant Injury Update: Warriors Star (Calf) Expected To Miss Rest Of Rockets Series (Sporting News) Steve Kerr already had resigned himself to Kevin Durant missing Game 6 of the Warriors’ Western Conference semifinal series against the Rockets with an injury, but it appears a potential Game 7 return is also out.

David Benioff And D.B. Weiss’s Rush To Finish ‘Game Of Thrones’ (The Ringer) The showrunners said they didn’t need full, 10-episode installments for Seasons 7 and 8, but the breakneck pace ‘Thrones’ has taken is a clear departure from years past—and comes with disheartening side effects.

LeBron James Is Facing His Biggest Challenge Yet (For The Win) It’s worth pointing out that James isn’t getting any younger and the forward could leave after 2021, which could have some free agents hesitate about signing a long-term deal in Los Angeles.

The Loudest Places You Can’t Hear (538) Where is the loudest place in America? You might think New York City, or a major airport hub, or a concert you have suddenly become too old to appreciate.

In A Back-and-Forth Series, Sixers And Raptors Fittingly Go To Game 7 (SI) Philly and Toronto are headed toward a winner-take-all Game 7 after the Sixers’ 112–101 win at home on Thursday.

‘Golden Spike’ Event Marks 150th Anniversary Of Transcontinental Railroad (Reuters) The three-day “Golden Spike” celebration opens on Friday at Promontory Summit.

Disney Has Explored Acquiring The Rights To NFL Sunday Ticket For ESPN+ When DirecTV Deal Expires (Awful Announcing) One of the biggest potential suitors has been Disney, who not only has the deep pockets to make an offer but also has a company (ESPN) and a service (ESPN+) that would be an ideal host for it.

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The Chicago Cubs Are Run By Hypocritical Idiots

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