The Daily Outkick: Friday, July 3, 2020

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Notorious LBJ: Mo Than An Athlete Mo Problems (Outkick) The LeBron James “more than an athlete” obsession diminishes the importance of athletics.

Tucker Carlson Is Working Among All Ages, Because He’s Not Supposed To (Outkick) This week, it was announced that Tucker Carlson Tonight recorded the highest-rated quarter for a cable news show ever.

NFL Will Play Black National Anthem Prior To Week 1 Games, Report Says (Fox News) According to the ESPN report, the song will be played before “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The Money Might Make Daniel Snyder Change The Name (Outkick) We are, rapidly, seeing things I never thought I’d see during what can only be described as a tidal wave of social justice crusading.

Hong Kong Security Law Stuns International Business: ‘It Turns Out It Is Really Bad’ (Wall Street Journal) Company executives worry Beijing’s intercession will eventually undermine city’s unique role as trading hub

Pending Dwight Howard Decision Is Anything But ‘Mamba Mentality’ (Outkick) It would be an exaggeration to suggest the world is waiting with bated breath for Lakers center Dwight Howard to announce whether he’ll join his teammates inside the Orlando Bubble.

Twitter Teases An Edit Function, But Only ‘When Everyone Wears A Mask’ (CNBC) Many users of the micro-blogging platform have been calling for an edit-tweet function for years.

The NBA Bubble Could Burst Before It Opens (Outkick) Silver would be smart to burst the bubble now. Make the players sign waivers, let them do as they please and get this thing over with as soon as possible.

The Job Numbers Are Much-needed Good News. And They’re Likely To Get Better. (Washington Post) Thursday’s jobs report was another jolt of good news for a nation sorely in need of one. There’s also reason to believe next month’s report will be nearly as good.

Zion Williamson Is Officially Shredded For NBA Bubble (Outkick) Zion Williamson is officially shredded. No more freshman 15. No quarantine quarter pounder with cheese weight gain.

‘Sitting On Millions Of Dollars’ And Dying To Blow It: Not This July 4 (New York Times) As many as 80 percent of the holiday fireworks displays in large cities and small towns have been canceled because of the pandemic.

How Joe Kelly’s Broken Window Helped Launch A New Baseball Training Device (CBS Sports) CleanFuego found its big break during the MLB shutdown.

Massive Bird Of Prey Snags Shark-like Fish In Wild Video (New York Post) Observers called the high flying footage “the coolest thing on Twitter today” and quipped that the bird deserves a cameo on “the next Sharknado film.”

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