The Coronabros Are Trying to Kill College Football Because They’ve Lost Every Other Battle

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The Big 10 is reportedly doing away with its non-conference slate of football games this fall.

As a result, some of the best games we would lose, according to reports, include: Michigan at Washington, Ohio State at Oregon, Miami at Michigan State, Wisconsin – Notre Dame at Lambeau, and Penn St at Virginia Tech.

Here’s what’s happening.  The coronabros — in the media and elsewhere — have targeted all of their attention on college football.

That’s because they’ve lost the battle with the MLB, NBA, MLS, NHL, and likely the NFL.

Plus, NASCAR is underway, the PGA is happening, UFC is going on, and boxing is back.

All of the coronabros — aided by many of the coronabros-related media — have now put all of their focus in the cancel college football basket.

They’ve lost every other sports battle. You remember, early on the coronabros said we shouldn’t play any sports in 2020 and we should wait until 2021 as we shouldn’t do anything until there’s a vaccine.

But they lost. They lost all of the major pro sports leagues and they lost all of the individual sports. They all came back.

So now the coronabros are focusing their attention on trying to stop college football.

If you look at Twitter, every time there’s a positive test in college football it echoes throughout the panicked blue checkmark brigade echo chamber.

That’s whats going on here. But let’s go through the facts again:

If you are a college kid, you are more likely to be struck down by lightning than you are to die from the coronavirus.

If you are a college kid, you are more likely to die driving back to campus than you are to die from the coronavirus.

The data is clear. College kids are not in danger of dying as a group from the coronavirus. This is indisputably true.

I don’t know why people won’t recognize it. College kids are more likely to die from the flu and pneumonia. 

Have you ever heard of a college football game canceled because of the flu or pneumonia? No, it never occurs.

This is a panic that is not justified by existing data.

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  1. The coronabros are part of the larger woke universe. You can’t have a rational conversation with them, as they tend to ignore data and logic. The current decisions made regarding sports are just a manifestation of that.

    • What is worse? An actual “Karen” (I really hate this stupid nickname, by the way), or the people filming these “Karens” and then posting them to the internet, hoping said “Karen” will lose their job and/or experience real life shame? I think I vote the latter.

  2. our Free ‘press’ which is now considered to be the overall ‘media’ Seems scared and obedient. In compliance by silence.

    And athletes and leagues seem to generally follow what’s being spread within that media bubble. Almost unquestioned by the athletic drones. Where are the risk takers? Athletes are risk takers.

    Outkick is So refreshing, with the daily outside the box examination and analysis. Using facts and logic. Keepin it real in a Lala world.

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