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Chris B. in Bowling Green, OH from my text group needs garage organization advice & he knew exactly where to get Real Advice® from Real Americans® — right here at Screencaps

Last night, I received an out-of-the-blue urgent message from Millennial Chris B. that he’s in a real pickle. He’s living in a house that’s not even a year old and now it’s time to start addressing the garage organization situation, specifically how to store the toddler’s toy Jeep Wrangler that’s taking up too much space on the ground.

  1. He needs advice from dads out there who’ve found unique ways to hang Big Wheel Jeeps.
  2. Chris B. is thinking about using Slatwall, but says “I feel like I’ll need too much.” (That’s code for it’s going to be expensive and he has travel hockey to pay for.)
  3. He bought two Flex Mounts for the ceilings to store plastic bins, but “had a change of heart” and took them back to wherever he bought them.

My advice for storage was to go buy 2X10s and make shelves. That’s a possibility, but the guy is just so indecisive that I suggested seeking advice from the best community on the Internet.

I’ve been to Chris B.’s garage for beers, but my memory of the ceiling height is a little foggy. I know for sure it’s a standard-depth two-car garage with a ceiling that has to be around 15 feet high.

Let’s see some innovative ways to organize the garage, especially from the new homeowners out there with kids. Help these millennials get their shit together this winter before golf season starts.


Boy, the readers really let Indy Daryl have it over ‘Ann’ Rand

My guy Indy Daryl spent his weekend compiling the 1st edition of the Screencaps Book Club Excel file and he slipped on “Ayn” Rand and the email inbox really lit up over that one.

One thing I’ve learned about the Internet, you’ll know exactly how many people are reading by how many will point out errors. I want Indy Daryl to know he had a massive audience for his Excel file.

Business is boomin’, Indy D.!

Screencaps readers around the globe

• Rob B. writes:

Buenos dias, amigo.

I’m a first time, long time Outkick reader and a ScreenCapper for almost exactly a year.  As new retirees from the ‘Nati, my wife and I were experiencing the bliss of January in Florida last year when I was drawn in by your Bengal’s headlines; but it was the “don’t blink” and “do hard things” topics that really resonated with me and converted me to a daily reader.

This year, we decided to go further south, so we’re on our way to Antarctica by way of Argentina.  I’ve never felt I had enough Cap-worthy material to write before, but since Mike T has the European bureau nailed down I thought I’d offer a more southern perspective.  My wife and I have become avid travelers and more adventurous with each trip.  For someone who never left the US until age 40, and never left North America until age 50, by the end of this trip I’ll have visited 17 countries and 5 continents.  Each destination is fascinating in it’s own way and you meet awesome people everywhere you go.

Buenos Aires is a content paradise.  17 million people that really love their food.   Empanadas, enormous grilled steaks, Malbec wine and surprisingly, pizza. Statues everywhere, mostly a bunch of old guys and Evita Peron. Dinner starts at 10pm so there is a thriving nightlife.  

The population is diverse and generally friendly, but more than one Argentinean described themselves as “grumpy”.  They love to demonstrate, with protests occurring daily around the city.  Inflation is around 70% this year, so they have plenty to protest about.

We’re currently cruising south just off the Falklands.  First stop is Ushuaia for the 2 P’s.  Patagonia and penguins.  Our ship is filled with old farts (at 64 I’m in the bottom 15%), so not too exciting unless you include trying to discern port from starboard and remembering to call it a ship and not a boat (ex seamen take exception to that). 

I have pictures to share but the wifi on our cruise ship sucks so I’ll have to wait until we’re in our next port.  Penguins, whales, 30-foot Drake Passage waves and icebergs await.  However, I do have one SC worthy picture to share from a local pharmacy in Mexico last month.  Hopefully it will send. 


Roberto B (for the next 3 weeks, then back to Rob)


So we’ll soon have a reader heading towards Antarctica, Canoe Kirk is checking in this week from India, I know we have a TNML member in New Zealand and Screencaps has military members reading from all around the world. I’m curious if Screencaps makes it past the censors in China.

Is anyone reading in China?

What about Russia?

I feel like we should have a contest on the craziest location where Screencaps is read on a daily or semi-daily basis. Are there any readers on odd islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (not Hawaii)?

Send proof of your out-of-the-ordinary location and I’ll pick a winner who will receive an item out of the OutKick merch store.


Uranus, Missouri

• Steven F. writes:

Read SC this morning and following up on Tom H. Uranus Fudge Factory billboard. You haven’t lived until you travel I-44 south from St. Louis towards Springfield, MO. At Exit 163, you will find ANOTHER Uranus Fudge Factory in Uranus, MO. Home of the Pirates. 

It was a right of passage for my 12-year-old boy to snicker at every t-shirt and slogan inside.

“The best Fudge is packed in Uranus!” 

The Travel Ball Chronicles

All joking aside, when is Netflix going to give me a 90-part series on ‘Travel Ball’ and the underbelly of this world? If Dance Moms is a thing, I need Travel Ball moms. I need episodes on Travel Ball dads. I need an entire episode where cameras follow the mom of No. 1 who had to learn his on-court behaviors from someone.

I want to know how these Travel Ball parents operate. I want to see the way they use social media. Frankly, I’m fascinated by how they approach life once it’s all over and their kids are cut from high school teams.

And if a true documentary from Ken Burns already exists on this phenomenon, please send it my way.

Modern panhandling is out of control

• Brandon C. in Pinckney, MI writes:

That tweet with the photo of the person requesting help for diaper money for their first child makes me sick. Anyone else realize that was written on the back window of a brand new Ford Bronco (not a Bronco sport, a full Bronco)?

I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt that it’s a base model 2-door Bronco and not some special edition– that’s at minimum a $31k car that isn’t going for discounts at the dealership right now. Gimme a break. Bet the person also has a $1000 cell phone with a high-end data plan, and subscribes to at least three streaming services. Congrats on the kid, now welcome to the real world and the end of your carefree life. Figure it out. We don’t have a generalized poverty problem in America, we have a decadence problem. 

And I got the local parks and rec dept to approve a “House+” softball team for our 14U girls in the area– Spring / Summer only, “travel” will be to the 4-5 nearest towns in our area, HS and Middle School coaches from the local district willing to help with some clinics and stop bys at our practices. Less than $200 a kid, we’ll play competitive softball, and we’ll be done by mid-July so kids can go on awesome vacations with their families to Northern Michigan or another state without the guilt of missing some “Super Elite Select Showcase” tournament where the only one benefitting is the tourney organizer at $1000+ per team registration. 

• Jake in Charlottesville, VA writes:

So in that one picture you posted, the family has the money for a $40k SUV (minimum), but not diapers? Here’s an idea: SELL THE BRONCO, GET A USED MINIVAN. People have lost all sense of shame.

Can you beat this golf accomplishment?

• Brett B. in Kansas writes:

On June 16, 2000, my friends and I played 45 holes of golf: 9 holes on 5 different courses in 5 different states. We drove the 200 or so miles total between courses. Don’t know if it had been done before; none of the locals mentioned it. Some have done it since. Figured it out?

Elkhart, KS
Stratford, TX
Boise City, OK
Clayton, NM
Trinidad, CO

Let’s add to this list

Speaking of the Midwest, Mike F. in Dayton, OH has me shook over his behavior Tuesday

That’s right, Mike F. did get his mower out of the garage to lay some stripes. I did notice on my drive last week to Kentucky that the golf course along I-75 near Mason, OH was green and guys were playing. I just didn’t expect to see a mower doing work on January 17, but, Mike wanted to spruce up the turf, so he got some work in.

Meanwhile, in the UK, they’re seeing snowfall at rates the country hasn’t seen in 13 years. Oh well. Probably should blame it on gas stoves.

Should every man own one of these before he dies?

• Chris B. writes:

Hi, Joe — I was gonna sit this one out, but then I thought of something every man should have at least once: a bail bond receipt. It’s not a possession, or a useful tool, or even a great doggo, but it’s a memory that will influence your judgement forever — not to mention helping you appreciate your freedom.

A little praise for NW Ohio

• Dan McM. from Indiana writes:

I was in Toledo this past weekend at the Glass City Center for a gymnastics meet. I’ve got to say the area of downtown Toledo where we were was much nicer than expected. If you think travel ball is expensive, try having daughters in competitive gymnastics. Anyway, I was just thinking of all the pictures and videos that were taken this weekend from this perspective and having this amazing background shining through in all those special memories.


That was very nice of you to say, Dan. Here’s a little-known fact for the Screencaps readers: That room you see above is where the Mid-American Conference used to play its basketball championship back in the 1990s. I seem to remember the court was purchased from like the Philadelphia 76ers or was an NBA all-star court that was being thrown out. They’d lay down the court and hold a basketball tournament. It was bizarre.

The MAC eventually grew up and moved to Cleveland.

Now, Dan’s right. That side of Toledo is loaded with nightlife, so those of you who are staying in the newly renovated hotel connected to the Glass City Center are in luck. You’ll have like 20 options for fun places to get booze and a friend of Screencaps, Eddie B., owns the Blarney.

Trust me, there are worse places in America to spend a Friday and Saturday night.

And that’s it. I’m on schedule this morning and I need to keep it that way.

Let’s go have a great day. It’s a Wednesday in the middle of January. Make it count. Go make deals. Go have an incredible day as a senior vice president — I see you guys on Linkedin sniffing around and looking at my bio.

And never forget how lucky we are to call this crazy country home.


Numbers from :

*Do not try this at home. This is not advice to take thousands to the high-limit room, it’s just an interesting look at how the world of comps works these days.

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