Hulu’s Upcoming Series ‘The Clearing’ Appears To Be Pure Nightmare Fuel

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“The Clearing” appears to be the kind of show that will stop viewers from sleeping well after watching.

Hulu recently dropped a preview for the series with Guy Pearce, and this one definitely doesn’t seem to be for the faint of heart.

The streaming giant describes the plot as, “A gripping psychological thriller about a religious cult wreaking human havoc, blurring the lines between past and present, reality and nightmare.”

The plot details sound pretty epic without even having to see a preview. Well, it gets much darker once you get a look at what Hulu will bring viewers May 24.

Is “The Clearing” bound to be a huge hit?

As OutKick readers know, this is the kind of television I crave. It’s sinister stuff of this nature that made “True Detective” season one such an incredible hit. The same can be said for the first season of “Westworld.”

People love dark and unsettling content. That’s simply a fact. Look at some of the biggest hits over the past few years. Many have that theme in common. Even a show like “Yellowstone” has many dark elements.

Now, Hulu will bring viewers a story about a cult that is apparently going after children. Details are limited, but it definitely appears to be very intriguing.

Will Hulu strike gold with “The Clearing”? (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

This also isn’t the first time Hulu has dabbled in this kind of content. “Under the Banner of Heaven,” which was a true story, also focused on some lunatics carrying out their crazy plans. It was one of the darkest shows released over the past 10 years, and it was unbelievably addicting.

Hulu appears ready to hit the jackpot twice with “The Clearing” roughly a year later.

Hulu’s “The Clearing” appears to be very sinister and dark. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

You can check out the limited series starting May 24. I’ll go ahead and put it on my list right now.

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