The City of Pittsburgh May Have A Winning MLB Team: The Toronto Blue Jays (Update)

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Sportsnet’s Hazel Mae says it’s official, the Toronto Blue Jays will play 2020 home games in Pittsburgh at PNC Park after Canada told the club it wouldn’t be allowed to play games at the Skydome or whatever they call that place these days.

Besides the Canadian government saying ‘no’ to MLB games in Toronto this season, there was also a concern about players and the Canadian Quarantine Act. Blue Jays players were reportedly warned they would be fined $750,000 and face possible jail time if they broke the act.

The state of Pennsylvania still has to approve of the plan, but one has to believe this was all worked out behind closed doors or the Jays and Pirates wouldn’t have announced an agreement. Expect a few politicians to use the opportunity to call a press conference to announce they’ll allow the Blue Jays into their city, but they’ll have to play by the political rules.

Update: the Pennsylvania Department of Health said no. That’s right, denied.

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  1. Great logo, Joe…looks sharp…but Toronto’s not known to be big spenders. Would MLB subsidize the cost of all things related to the team’s new logo (including uniforms) for just the 2020 season?

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