The Cavinder Twins Celebrate Their Birthday In Bikinis, Kliff Kingsbury’s Girlfriend Is Ready For Valentines Day & It’s Wild Card Weekend

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Wild Card Weekend is here

The College Football season has sadly come to an end. As disappointing as that is there is still football to be played and for that we should all be thankful.

Wild Card Weekend has arrived and with it we’re going to see who is really ready for the spotlight of the playoffs and who was just pretending during the regular season.

Saturday’s games kickoff with the Seahawks taking on the 49ers in San Fransisco. The Brock Party is going to get a taste of postseason football whether he’s ready for it or not.

The 49ers have the better team, but with a third-string rookie quarterback anything can happen.

The night game has the Chargers making the trip to Jacksonville, Florida to take on the Jaguars. This game is a true toss up. Either team can find a way to lose and have their playoff hopes come to an unceremonious end.

The game might truly come down to the team who gives away to the other team less. That or the team with the quarterback having the better hair day. Look good, play good.

Here’s a little hype music to help prepare for the weekend ahead.

History of the World Part 1 finally has a part 2

It turns out, that despite the best efforts of some, comedy is still alive and well. 96-year-old Mel Brooks is dropping History of the World Part 2. The eight-part series will appear on Hulu in March and is the long awaited follow-up to his classic History of the World Part 1.

If you missed OutKick’s own, David Hookstead’s, article about the series, I highly recommend you check it out. He threw some scenes in from the original that remind you just how funny of a movie it is.

Here’s the trailer for the new Hulu series.

A little hype music, a little laughter, now we’re ready to get this Saturday rolling. Good luck to those of you who have a team playing games today.

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