The Big 12 May Have Helped Save College Football, But Oklahoma’s Loss Ends Its Relevance

Total152 Thank you to the Big XII for standing up to the pressure of the B1G, Pac-12, and the legions of CoronaBros but your college football season is over. The whole conference is just playing out an inconsequential string of games. Oklahoma lost today to Kansas State and the conference is completely irrelevant. It was More

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Written by Jaxon Stevens


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  1. Pretty harsh, OUTKICK…
    You give OK STATE praise for standing up to the CoronaBros…
    Then you stick the knife in and say adios to the whole Conference???

    BIG 12 folks wear sneakers, too…no???

  2. Football has touched me in a “bad” place. As a Falcons fan and a Sooners fan, I’m so deeply prepared for what happened in Norman today. Up 27-7 in the third quarter, I could smell this comeback coming from a mile away. The Defense playing like they had a 20 point lead, instead of playing like it had to get the 20 point lead. Lincoln Riley being touted as the greatest offensive mind is ludicrous. He cannot call plays under pressure. His Defense was gassed due to their poor play and turnovers, but he had numerous head scratching calls down the stretch. The Sooners have ruined what was going to be a great day of college football. Now, EVERY game break during EVERY other game will be about this “Huge” upset. I get to live this shit all day. BOOmer sooner.

    • Up 35-14 with 2 minutes left in the 3rd and we lose? That is pathetic. Looking more and more like Riley may be a Norv Turner type: HoF level Offensive Coordinator, average Head Coach.

      Again and again he gets outcoached in the 2nd half and our offense stutters after better coaching makes halftime adjustments. IE: the Georgia game, this game, last year’s KST game, IaSt in 2017. All games we had 3 score leads and lost with loooong stretches of inept offense. Our defense is continually inept, so nothing has changed there.

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