The Bengals Might Want To Draft A Tackle After Watching This Bobby Hart Film

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What do you think’s going through Joe Burrow’s head as he rehabs in California, or wherever he was this weekend, watching right tackle Bobby Hart do work against the Miami Dolphins during the fourth quarter of another Cincinnati loss? I’m not an expert, by any stretch, on how a right tackle is supposed to do his job in the NFL, but I do know that he’s supposed to block a guy who’s paid to light up quarterbacks.

Bobby signed a 3 year, $16,150,000 contract in 2019. For some reason, the Bengals staff has stood up for the guy while he’s out there trying to get quarterbacks destroyed. Joe Burrow should demand that Hart never steps on a field with him ever again.

“Out of all my players, Bobby Hart is the most underappreciated player and the most picked-on player by everybody from the media to whoever wants to talk football,” Bengals offensive line coach Jim Turner said in September. “It’s like every pressure we’ve ever had gets blamed on that kid. To me, nobody has put more time or effort into our offense, like in preparation for the season and understanding his weaknesses and in training and getting himself ready to play for the season.”

Here’s Bobby in action during Sunday’s game:

Let’s take a look at that effort from a little higher in the sky:

Now let’s take a look at Bobby’s effort when Burrow was on the field. It’s one thing to figure Bobby just doesn’t care because it’s December and he just wants to cash a check. This was September. The franchise quarterback’s knee hadn’t been blown out yet.

Let’s watch Bobby try to protect Andy Dalton:

Bobby vs. Joey Bosa:

Tired of Bobby content? I’m not. Let’s see him double T.J. Watt:

Let’s watch more footage. At this point, Joe Burrow should walk into the Bengals management office and demand Hart’s release:

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Any GM or Coach who puts Bobby Hart on the field should be charged with assault. I said it before, Hart single handedly took years off Eli Manning’s LIFE forget the wasted years of his career. The combination of Bobby Hart and Erick Flowers has to be recorded somewhere as worst starting tackle combo in NFL history. The trio of Jerry Reese, Hart and Flowers decimated the Giants.

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