The Bachelorette Recap: Episode Ten

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Last week I tossed around the idea of making a list of things I found on the internet while watching Kaitlyn have picnics in fields. This week I thought about writing a recap before the episode even aired to see how close I would get to what actually happens. I would not have been far off…

Kaitlyn is torn about what to do and she doesn’t like talking to Shawn and Nick about each other, so she does it every chance she gets. Oh hey there Ben. You’re still here. Ben is normal, attractive, and has his shit together, so he’s definitely not going to make the final two.

All the guys have their overnights. No way Kaitlyn would turn down the opportunity to sleep with them. We then get to the MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER. Kaitlyn’s wearing a low cut dress that looks like it stepped right off the stage of the Ms. Hooters International evening wear competition. (Side note: watch Miss Rhode Island’s answer portion of the Miss USA pageant. Feel smarter? You’re welcome.) Kaitlyn is crying because “this is like really hard you guys,” and then says she “knows what she has to do.” Sorry, Ben. Hop in your minivan and we’ll see you next season, pal.

We traded Ireland on this “trip around the world,” for Utah. UTAH?? Nick tells Kaitlyn he’s falling in love with her. She responds by sticking her tongue down his throat. Nick’s family looks so miserable. His brother is clearly thinking, “Holy shit, just get a real job so we can stop doing this,” and his mom can’t stop crying because she’s worried about him going through “another heartbreak.”  

It’s kind of fitting that we’re meeting Nick’s family in Utah, because they could easily pass for a family of sister wives. There are like 10 siblings. His mom’s not buying this whole production and it’s hysterical — actually none of his family is. Nick’s sister gives us the definition of insanity, saying, “He’s going through this again, but hoping for a different result.” Bella, Nick’s youngest sister, asks Kaitlyn if she loves him, and Kaitlyn dances around the question like a pro. No shot Nick wins this.

Shawn has a bunch of sisters, which explains so much. He also lived with one –outside of their parents’ home– willingly.  If there’s ever been a case for male PMS it’s this fool. His mom wasn’t able to make it. So in other words she thinks this is a joke. If I were to go on this show, neither of my parents would attend unless it was to voice their disdain. Sister #1 wants to bring up every chick Shawn’s ever been on a date with, and Sister #2 wants to know how things are different with Shawn. You mean like how she banged the other guy who is left while technically “dating” your brother? That’s kind of different, right? Kaitlyn gets the approval of the sisters, and I just want to buy them some mascara.

Shawn tells Kaitlyn he’s in love with her. Apparently, “I’m falling in love with you” and “I’m in love with you” are completely different. Kaitlyn says that hearing those words is overwhelming. Shawn is, of course, disappointed she didn’t say it back.

We end this episode the only way it can end, with Kaitlyn crying about not knowing who to choose. Only one more episode! I will say, I’ve never been more excited for a Men Tell All Special.

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Written by Clay Travis

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