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That first set of Elite 8 games was underwhelming

You could see CBS doing its best to find storylines to use as it prepares for a Baylor-Houston Final Four matchup, and it just might be a Kelvin Sampson finds a way to bring back the Houston of the early 1980s angle. Now let’s do some math here and figure out how many years it’s been since Houston was in the Final Four. It was 1984. That’s right, 37 years ago. Your parents, who are retired down in Florida or Arizona, were in their 30s to 40s or way older. They barely care about this NCAA Tournament and yet here’s CBS digging for anything that will spice up a matchup that will feature teams separated across Texas by 185 miles.

This all means that there’s tremendous pressure tonight on Gonzaga and Michigan to take care of business because CBS needs these two brands in that Final Four bad. I know, it’s rare to say UCLA making the Final Four is bad for business when the program has 11 national championships and brings in the Los Angeles TV viewer, but it sure is here. Besides showing Mick Cronin’s old man in the stands, CBS has nothing for the viewing audience with the Bruins, who have some very talented guys on the court like Jaime Jaquez and Johnny Juzang.

All that said, I hope Michigan goes down in flames. I want a ref making a horrible call in the last 30 seconds. Or I’ll take Michigan losing by 20. Doesn’t matter. As for the Zags, we’re about to see how good their shooters are against the USC zone defense and how Drew Timme handles Evan Mobley. Have you seen the Zags shoot? Have you seen Evan Mobley in action? Buckle up.

• Prepare yourself for the Woke All-Stars to attack Baylor women’s coach Kim Mulkey who dared to say the NCAA should drop its COVID testing for the Final Four and just play it out. She’ll be enemy No. 1 as outraged blue checkmarks try to out outrage each other across all platforms.

• Count how many times CBS references Drew Timme’s mustache. Hope you have multiple hands.

• And in financial news, PayPal will soon let you pay with Bitcoin. I got gas at a gas station down the street here in nowhere Ohio and there was a banner hanging out front of the place saying ‘Bitcoin ATM’ inside. Might be time for me to get a little slice of the crypto market.

• 70 and sunny here today. Spring winds of 20 mph or so. I finished up one rock retaining wall last night and plan on starting on another this evening before those Elite 8 games. It’s now a race against time. I have to get this outdoor stuff done before Memorial Day so I can enjoy summer.

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