The 2014 Masters Drinking Game

 By Cippy Wallace

“Welcome, friends.” Don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been waiting 365 days to hear Jimmy say “a tradition unlike any other” 192 times a day. The only way to appropriately celebrate (or drown your sorrows that Eldrick’s got a backache) is with a drinking game. Drink up!

Take one drink if the following happens:

Jim Nantz says “A tradition unlike any other”…..duh

El Tigre’s absence is mentioned.

The announcers say the words “Magnolia Lane,” “Amen Corner,” “Butler Cabin,” or “Rae’s Creek.”  

“Did you know that the Eisenhower Tree had to be cut down?” Drink. Side Note: This is fantastic. 

The Masters’ theme song is played.

Nick Faldo starts reliving his glory days. 

Jack Nicklaus’ major wins record or Tiger breaking it is mentioned.

Did they just say that Condoleeza Rice is now a member or that there are not one but TWO female members of Augusta National? Drink.

A Tiger Woods’ highlight is shown.

Freddy Couples toys with our emotions and is initially “in the hunt,” or we are reminded that he had to share a dorm room with Jim Nantz.

When Adam Scott is shown. This one’s for the ladies. So hot. Drink again when we’re reminded that Scott’s caddie used to be Tiger’s. 

When some idiot shouts “In the Hole” or “Get in there” on a Par 5 tee shot.

Take a Shot:

“Dufnering” is mentioned and/or Amanda Dufner is shown. 2 shots if they bring up the Iron Bowl, because somehow it’s managed to make an appearance during every major sporting event this year.  

When an Eagle is made. Shot is preferably taken from a Crystal Goblet just like the one said golfer will receive. 

Ricky Fowler checks out any girl in the gallery.

Phil’s shot from the Pine Straw is shown.

Remember that year that Rory McElroy choked harder than anything we’ve ever seen before? Shots. Shots. Shots.

Billy Payne gives an explanation on why it “was time to extend membership to women” at Augusta National.

Golf Boys is mentioned. 

Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky’s engagement is discussed or a commentator ogles her a la Musberger and Webb.

“Did you know that an amateur has never won the Masters?” Drink.

Anytime the question is raised, “Is this Lee Westwood’s year?” Probably.

Finish Your Drink:

A hole in one is made during tournament play.

Nick Faldo throws Greg Norman under the bus regarding the Masters of 1996 and his collapse.

Tiger shows up in a Kenny Powers-esque way and plays.

If Freddy Couples wins, finish ALLLL of the beers.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.