That Padres Fan Brawl, Here Is What Led To It From A Fan Sitting Nearby

Total Frat Move’s Mailman Dave was able to interview Kip Williams, one of the guys that came to tackle the puncher in the Padres fan fight. He was packed with information and we’ll let you be the judge over who was at fault:

“The Padres guy’s dad was already kicked out and I think he was vaping earlier. He was standing in the second row by the field and suddenly these guys are chirping back and forth. He starts walking up and immediately makes a 90 degree turn into the aisle. I know how to fight, so when I saw his eyes — I knew he wasn’t going to stop. It was both of their faults” Williams said.

“So i finally take a look at the Rockies fan and he looks like a teacher. The guy had zero shot. And right after I get the guy in a headlock that he was not getting out of. Guy right behind me goes ‘that’s some pretty good form’.”

Turns out, it was former L.A. Kings hockey player Derek Armstrong that does the pre and post-game shows for the team.

But where Kip Williams has a point is that this battle was the fault of both parties. The “fighter” was pissed his dad was ejected earlier, and then you have the victim (loser of the fight) chirping. How new school of that guy to think he can chirp at whoever he wants and get away with it?

Sometimes people that pop off deserve a knuckle sandwich. As Kip Williams said, everyone around him could tell a fight was brewing, so why couldn’t he? Highly probable that he’s just a complete idiot and was put to sleep over it. Also worth noting that you shouldn’t walk over to people at a baseball game that would visibly struggle in a fight against you. The “pick on your own size” mentality, I guess. I don’t know if that still applies here. My personal feeling on it is that you can walk over to an inferior man and let him know he has no chance.

You don’t have to send his face into another dimension, but make your presence felt. However, I can see how anger would take over. What do you think?

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. I get it but he really could have went over and verbally vented on the guy should have been handled without the violence and the dude who got clocked should have just watched the game and not be popping off especially at someone you don’t know.

  2. I think that the guy doing the “chirping” should have stood up much sooner than he did and prepare to defend himself. The “chirped” clearly has it in his head what a ton of Americans have in their heads because of what they see everyday in life and on TV: People spouting off nonsense or saying disrespectful shit and HARDLY EVER being “called to the mat” for it.

    Throughout social media, the news, politicians, etc etc are constantly “chirping” at others and not being held to accountable for what they are saying.

    Most everyone here that is reading my response knows what I am talking about. For example, if some of the things that these liberal shitheads are saying about Republican politicians or even “Trump voters” was said to me at a ballgame or out on the street? I would immediately turn towards them, and walk up to them the same way the Padres fan did…

    And if they took a look at me and see the look on my face and it was the same look as the Padres fan?

    Let me just say this: I would at least give them a second or two chance to say “oops, I am sorry” or “My bad, I didn’t mean it, I don’t want any trouble”…but if that isn’t happening?

    Boom. You got what was coming to you.

    That’s part of the reason parts of this country has turned so negative in the way people talk about and treat each other: Because there is no “general respect” for others, and there is no general respect for others because people that aren’t treating others in public with basic decency aren’t being stood up to and called out for being complete assholes or bitches to others.

    At least that how I see it.

  3. If a guys walks toward you aggressively like the Padres fan did, the punch recipient should have been ready to throw. He stood there and took a knockout punch. Always told my sons if you’re going to get into a fight you better start throwing punches first.

    • So, the guy should go to jail for “thuggery”, and the guy who was spouting off at the mouth should….???

      …you know what? It doesn’t matter. Because the guy who was pummeled likely got what was coming to him, and from the looks of the punch he took and him collapsing to the ground, he may still spout off like that in the future, but I think that his left cheek and left jawbone will likely send him a 8 alarm-bell warning as to the possible consequences the next time he does it.

      And for the record, if someone is jawing at you and saying distasteful or disrespectful things to you, it is not “thruggery” to stand up for yourself and confront them.
      I consider it being a man. It is past time for putting a stop to this sort of cowardice allowing people to curse and disrespect you or your loved ones in public with no consequences.
      There is absolutely nothing “thuggery” about that.

      • “Being a man” is hitting someone over something they SAID? That’s some serious snowflake attitude there. “My feelings were hurt so I hit him.”

        Whatever happened to the old “Sticks and stones” rule? Now, every time somebody gets their panties in a knot, we either have to ruin somebody else’s life or hit them?

        Look, I’m IN San Diego, and while a lifelong Reds fan (grew up in Ohio), I have a certain appreciation for the Padres’ fans getting tired of being walked on.

        But what if what dude who got punched died? Same thing happened last week – couple drunks throwing haymakers, one dude hits his head on the concrete when he falls, other guy now facing a murder charge. And have you already forgotten the Giants fan jumped after a Dodgers game? He’s still disabled.

        Look, if the dude who got punched had started the ruckus, sure – give him what’s coming. But to walk over a whole section and hit someone because you’re pissed off and, as was pointed out elsewhere, the target was in no way ready to defend himself?

        That’s chickenshit.

        • Yes, it is.
          And I say that because you completely cherry picked my response and glossed over the part where I said I’d give them a second to check themselves or apologize, and you also conveniently changed my wording from someone “chirping distasteful or disrespectful things“ at you to “ something they SAID”..

          I am not going to play your little silly game, James Trageser. If you aren’t wise enough to figure out what I mean from my detailed description in my post above, then you are being intentionally obtuse.

          But I bet you’d be able to figure it out if you were at a ballgame or another public setting and someone starts chirping “distasteful or disrespectful comments” to you, your spouse, or god forbid your children or your Mom, that you wouldn’t hesitate to turn towards that individual and address what they were saying.

          But you go ahead and continue to be obtuse and not “read between the lines” in my comment, because most people that read my original comment understand that there is a lot of “gray” area that exists between the chirping and whether or not the reaction is going to be one of violence or not.
          The point is, it far past time for people to begin standing up to people that want to verbally denigrate others.

          And YES, that is part of manhood.

          I guess you were in another line.

  4. Two things: 1.If your going to talk shit, you better be ready to ready to go, especially since alcohol was probably involved. The guy that threw the punch was already pissed to begin with. Hearing some douchebag try to get into your shit, i`d head over there too.
    2. The fact that the guy who got his ass kicked isn`t pressing charges because knows he fucked up. Also, the witnesses there probably would bury him.
    Add it all up and not surprised this happened. I am surprised that guy didn`t go to the hospital with a broken jaw. That was a hell of a punch he took.

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