TGI Fridays Is Being Sued Because Their Mozzarella Sticks Don’t Contain… Mozzarella

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Mozzarella sticks that don’t contain mozzarella?! Say it aint so!

A lawsuit alleges that TGI Fridays is falsely advertising “Mozzarella Snack Sticks,” by not including actual mozzarella.

So essentially instead of mozzarella sticks, you just have… cheese sticks. Clearly that can’t happen so why not go and sue!

TGI Fridays Mozzarella Sticks Snacks are being sued for not including mozzarella cheese. (TGI Fridays)


Mozzarella fanatic Amy Joseph apparently either really loves her cheese, or maybe – just mayyybe is looking for a quick cash in. It’s hard to tell.

Oh, did I mention she has filed eight class action lawsuits in the past 10 years against food companies for their alleged misleading products?

Joseph purchased the six-pack of the sticks on Amazon for $22.95. She claims she was deceived by the company’s misleading image of deep-fried mozzarella sticks. The cheese is actually cheddar.

Her lawsuit argues that TGI Friday’s “individually and acting jointly, collectively, and in concert together, created, developed, reviewed, authorized, and are responsible for the textual and graphic content on the packaging of the Products.”

A federal judge has allowed the suit to move forward, however only against Inventure Foods and not TGI Fridays itself. The court granted TGIF’s motion of dismissal because all they do is license their trademarked logo to Inventure. Fridays doesn’t make the actual food itself.

A woman sued Velveeta over its claim of the length of cooking time. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)


When I first heard about this story I thought the lawsuit was going to claim that the mozzarella sticks didn’t contain actual cheese. Similar to Subway being sued that their bread… isn’t actually bread.

For some reason *cough* money *cough* there has been an uptick in bizarre food lawsuits.

One may think that Amy Joseph is also the person that is suing Velveeta over a misleading claim that it takes longer than 3 1/2 minutes in the microwave. That in fact, is another person. Don’t get them mixed up please.

Or this guy who is suing Texas Pete Hot Sauce because it may not actually be made in Texas and we can’t have that now can we!

Last year Kellogg’s faced a $5 million class-action lawsuit over false advertising that Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts didn’t actually contain real strawberries. Shocking! Scandalous!

Sure it may be deceptive and wrong for companies to mislead on their packages. But the truth is if you’re microwaving or eating mass produced food, you’re probably ingesting a ton of things that you’re not aware of. If you’re going down that route, just enjoy it.

Inventure Foods is arguing that no “reasonable” customer would expect the cheese to be actual mozzarella because it wouldn’t last as long.

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