Texas Site Goes All In On Nick Saban to Texas

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Nick Saban to Texas is the rumor that will not die.

Last night a social media firestorm erupted over Saban to Texas. (Above photo via yahoo).

Where did it originate?

At a website called InsideTexas.com. 

And via a writer who goes by the pen name of Jesus Shuttlesworth.

Yes, I’m for real.  

Let’s track down the roots of the latest Internet rumor. 

You can find both the site and the writer on Twitter. 

InsideTexas is here. It has over 10,000 Twitter followers, so it’s achieved a substantial social media following, including several ESPN staffers who have worked at the Longhorn Network.

Jesus Shuttlesworth — who has a nice photoshopped Ray Allen as Jesus as his Twitter image — is on there as well. He has around 700 followers.

His most recent Twitter comment is a retweet from 13 hours ago, “I’m an atheist, but I believe in @jesusinsidetex.”

At Outkick we get all sorts of outlandish message board rumors sent to us each day. Most of them we just dismiss or check out for the entertainment value. 

But this one hopped off the premium board at Inside Texas and took Twitter by storm. 


Because it’s so detailed and definitive. 

And, also, because so many people seem to want to believe it. 

So is Saban to Texas completely made up?

We’ll see. 

But here’s what Inside Texas was telling its premium subscribers last night. (Via tipster Nick. H.)

This is from a live chat:

Jesus Shuttlesworth: I think Mack announces before banquet and Saban comes in that weekend
Jesus Shuttlesworth: The crazy part is Saban will bring recruits with him it sounds like.
zzzizzzy: assistants have been asked to keep quiet w their future plans until mack announces.
Jesus Shuttlesworth: zzzz, is right about that. Expect announcements or breaking news from IT next Sunday
Jesus Shuttlesworth: huntsville, I will never do percentages again, but I’m confident
zzizzzy: saban still 100%
Jesus Shuttlesworth: chancellor at bama says saban to texas. That’s the big news
Jesus Shuttlesworth: Some Bama commits may follow Saban to Texas. two or three five stars
zzzizzzy: assistants have literally been begged to remain quiet on their future plans until after Mack announces
zzizzzy: no obligation to keep quiet, but if they want other jobs, they respect the chain of command

Robert Witt, Bama Chancellor, was Dean of UT Business School, and President of UT-Arlington.

Saban NOT coaching bowl game. period.

Jesus Shuttlesworth: Nobis, Narduzzi and the Nussmeyer I would think (Possible staff)

lamar littrell: regarding current AD personnel/coaches vis a vis Patterson…think Jim McKay’ Munich coverage – “They’re all gone…

Jesus Shuttlesworth: jark, the whole thing gets blown up. Suddes will be the only survivor. BTW, did anyone notice the latest Texas offer and who broke it? Guess who and guess why

Jesus Shuttlesworth: Robert Witt chancellor at bama, Red McCombs, Pat Frost, Bart Koontz, Bob Rowling, austin realtor, UTPD, an interior decorator in Austin, have all said Saban was coming to Texas among others. It’s why we’ve been confident

zzzizzzy: suddes was suggested for his position back when we were almost certain saban was coming. mack unwittingly said ok. js may not agree with me on this, but it is a fact and one of the reasons ive been so certain of saban’s coming 

And our tipster continues with further revelations:

“On a similar note I have had two friends (both Aggies, so they aren’t being Texas homers) tell me about similar “Saban is a done deal” rumors. One sat in a Texas boosters box for the Tech game and was told by that booster that “Saban deal has been done for 8 weeks.” I don’t think it is done but he seemed fairly confident that Saban will be at Texas next year. I don’t want to give the boosters name but if you need it to confirm how involved he is at Texas then I will provided it as long as you don’t use it publicly. My other buddy works for a news station somewhere in the state of Texas( I will not provide his name) but he spoke with a very influential booster from a different school in Texas. This booster told him about some other coaching deals (briles, sumlin, etc) about a month before the story broke so he is beginning to listen to the rumors that this booster tells him. The booster is involved in Texas politics as well so he has a good hear for what is going on at the major schools in Texas. He told my friend “As much as it saddens me to say this, Saban to Texas has been done for a long time”. I know you probably get several rumor emails like this but I thought it is still of some interest to you.”

So if you’re wondering where all the smoke came from last night, it was from InsideTexas.

And by going all in on Saban to Texas, they’ve set themselves up to be either geniuses or idiots.

Which, to be fair, is kind of what college football does to all of us on a weekly basis.  

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Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.