Texas Maniac Mows A Guy’s Yard & Then Tries To Steal The Mower — On A Friday Night

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Do you have a neighbor with a yard that needs to be mowed and a Toro sitting around? You might want to summons suspected thief Marcus Hubbard who made a name for himself down in Port Arthur, Texas last week when it was revealed by the local police department that Hubbard mowed a homeowner’s yard before trying to steal the lawnmower.

Just leave the mower out. Hubbs will mow the lawn and possibly steal the mower after he finishes up.

Talk about a real go-getter. While most thieves throw the mower in the back of a piece of junk S-10 and speed off to flip the mower for a drug fix, Hubbard actually put in the work before thieving.

Stolen lawn mower Texas mowed grass before leaving
Suspect Marcus Hubbard mows a lawn before running from the Port Arthur police investigating a stolen lawnmower. / Facebook

Surveillance video even showed Hubbard gassing up the mower before he laid down some stripes in the front yard.

“Upon officers’ arrival, Hubbard is seen running from the area while dragging the lawnmower with him. He abandons the lawnmower in an alley and evades apprehension,” the Port Arthur PD reports while adding he has an outstanding warrant for burglary of a building.

Now, there are two things that stand out to the Thursday Night Mowing League commissioner:

  1. He’s mowing on a Friday. That’s not a good look.
  2. Does Marcus love mowing? It seems like it. If you’re a criminal who is willing to gas up the ride and lay down stripes after dark on a Friday night with the weekend in full swing, then he might want to think about going over to the real dark side and actually getting a mowing job. I know the Port Arthur PD have better things to do these days, but when they finally catch up to Hubbard, it’s worth asking him why he doesn’t chase his dreams. He clearly LOVES mowing. This kind of attitude towards mowing has crew chief written all over it. Think about the mowing companies in Port Arthur who’d be willing to hire a guy willing to mow past sunset.

Marcus, I hope you’re reading this. We have a whole mowing league you’re going to love. Now, you’ll have to give up your burglary days, but I think there might be a bright future for you within the sport.

I have several yards I’d like for you to start with including my neighbor’s yard. Send me an email.

Suspect Marcus Hubbard gases up a lawn mower before doing work on a homeowner’s yard / via Port Arthur Police Department

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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