Video Emerges Of Texas Fan Trying To Mount Live Longhorn Mascot ‘Bevo,’ Getting Rocked By Security

Saturday’s win over UTSA was a good day for Texas football and a very bad day for one of its fans. It was entirely his fault, but it was likely not how he wanted the day to go when he woke up on game day.

At some point during the game, a Longhorn fan — who may or may not have had a few too many Shiner Bocks before walking into Darrell K Royal-Texas Stadium — made a very dumb decision. It ultimately resulted in his arrest.

After making his way onto the field, whether with a ticket or by chance, the fan attempted to climb into the mascot pit. Within the pit is Bevo, a massive Texas Longhorn steer.

Fans are very much not allowed in the pit. That didn’t stop the fan from trying.

Video has emerged from the incident and it shows him try to climb over a barrier. Bevo’s handlers encourage him not to do so, but he does so anyway.

Not long thereafter, as the fan sits atop the barrier, a police officer arrives to the scene and proceeds to rock his world. The fan was reportedly taken into custody and the video corroborates that report.

Take a look at the Texas fan trying to climb into the Longhorns mascot pit:

Bevo weighs somewhere in the ballpark of 1,600 pounds. And while UT’s live mascot is certainly more domesticated than most free-range animals of his kind, Bevo is still very dangerous.

Most Texas Longhorn cattle are a docile, friendly breed. When they are used to humans, like Bevo, they can usually be handled with ease. Often times, they can be trained to respond to voice commands.

However, Longhorn cattle still have strong survival instincts. And when handled improperly or angered, they prove themselves to be both wild and stubborn. Just ask UGA.

The Texas fan’s decision could have ended even worse than it did. He may have been arrested, but he could have been gored.

Written by Grayson Weir

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