Texas High School Catcher Fooled By Oldest Trick In The Book As Runner Scores On Classic ‘Made You Look!’

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Carthage senior Jada Walton thought that she was going to get called out at home during her Texas high school softball game last Tuesday. Instead, she tried to fool the catcher with the oldest trick in the book— and it worked.

As Walton rounded third base, she saw her chances of reaching the plate dwindling. Center High School’s catcher had the ball at the dish. Walton had nowhere to go and it was time to get creative.

Where the catcher should have been able to simply tag her out, Walton decided to try something different. Everybody expected her to try and hook slide into home, so she hit the catcher with a hesitation side step.

It worked momentarily and Walton avoided the tag— but there was still a larger problem to be solved. She needed to touch the plate and the catcher still stood in her way with the ball in her mitt.

Rather than trying to make some sort of diving play between the catcher’s legs, Walton went with a classic. She pointed down the first base line in a frantic manner and the catcher bought it hook, line and sinker.

As the catcher turned to look at where she was pointing, Walton snuck in to score.

Video of the impressive softball maneuver went insanely viral last week, and you likely have already seen it by now. It doesn’t get any less impressive with each watch and the backstory makes it even better!

Walton said that she was just goofing around in a last ditch effort to score. She didn’t think it would work at all, but somehow it did.

I was amazed at what I did. I’ve never seen that, trick somebody like that, then when I was in the dugout I was screaming and so excited.

— Jada Walton, via Tyler Morning Telegraph

Here is what Walton had to say:

Her coach also says that the video doesn’t tell the full story of just how epic it really was.

Once you watch film you realize the girl just cut her off from the plate. There wasn’t any place for Jada to go and she didn’t make a play at her. Jada was never out of the base line and the area she can go and she’s a ball player. She made a play. I was still in shock that was safe.

— Carthage coach Rob McFall, via Tyler Morning Telegraph

As impressive as it is for Walton, it’s brutal for the softball catcher. She got got in the worst way possible. All she had to do was tag Walton out and we wouldn’t be here right now. Instead, she will live forever on the internet as the catcher who fell for the “look over there!” trick. You hate to see it.

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