Texas A&M Wedding Wins Internet

Texas A&M has proven to be a good fit for the SEC already.

But so far we hadn’t had any Aggie fans doing anything that might be described as crazy. Yeah, we had the student who got the A&M-Bama score tattooed on his butt, and we have Johnny Manziel’s continued shenanigans.

But what about some good old fashioned dyed in the wool crazy fan antics?

I mean, we know Alabama and Texas A&M are playing college football’s biggest regular season game this September.

And we know Alabama fans are crazy as hell.  

But can A&M really give Bama a run in the crazy fan department?

We really haven’t seen much to suggest that the answer is yes.

Until now.

Yes, this Texas A&M wedding really happened.  

Congrats to Harv and Heather! 

There are so many aspects of this video that I absolutely love — the minister in the ref jersey is tough to beat — but I think my favorite part is the towel on one of the groomsmen’s waist. 

Are these play calls? Audibles in case the groom bails?

Most groomsmen would be content with wearing the 12th man jersey. 

Not this guy. 

He needs the play towel too. 

By the way, anyone else surprised that Johnny Manziel wasn’t walking the bride down the aisle?

There are five total videos posted of the wedding. 

You can find them all by clicking on the YouTube link here.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.