Legendary App State Fan Dances On Texas A&M’s Grave By Smoking Cigar At Kyle Field To Celebrate Aggies Loss

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Texas A&M football lost its sixth game of the year on Saturday and one legendary App State fan will forever live in college football lore for his postgame antics. He sparked up a cigar at Kyle Field.

Earlier this year, the Mountaineers were paid $1.5 million to travel to College Station for an early-season “buy game” that was supposed to be a resume-building win for the Aggies. Instead, the visiting Sun Belt opponents cashed their check and left Texas victorious.

App State upset No. 6 Texas A&M with a hard-fought, three-point win. While the few Boonies who made the trip west were partying in the Lone Star State, the party was on in the mountains of North Carolina.

The Mountaineers have lost three games since that massive, earth-shattering Power Five win, but they have two less losses than the Aggies after Saturday. Florida traveled to Texas and beat a flu-ridden SEC West opponent 41-24.

While there were a handful of Gators fans in the stands on the road, there was also one man who had no ties to either team. At least, directly.

The man, wearing an App State beanie and yellow t-shirt, sat amongst the Kyle Field crowd. He was rooting against the home side and came prepared in case that Florida pulled out a win.

And that’s exactly what happened.

After the Gators got up by 17 with the game out of reach, the Aggies fans started to head for the exit. Meanwhile, the lone Mountaineers fan pulled out a cigar and danced all over their grave.

It really couldn’t have been funnier or more savage.

Just when Texas A&M thought that losing its fifth-straight game was bad, it got worse. They were forced to relive their “buy game” loss to App State as they made their way out of the stadium or watched the demoralizing loss on TV at home.

Does it get any better than college football?!

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