Texans Committed To Deshaun Watson: ‘He Is Our Starting Quarterback’

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Houston Texans head coach David Culley said the team is committed to Deshaun Watson and have no alternate plans in place for the quarterback position.

“There is no contingency plan,” Culley said. “[Watson] is a Houston Texan, and that’s how we’re moving forward with it. We’re committed to him, as I said before.”

Culley denied any suggestion of conflict between the starting quarterback and the team, The Athletic reports.

“I don’t know about him not wanting to be a Houston Texan,” Culley said. “I just know he’s a Houston Texan. He’s ours, and we’re going to go with that.”

Culley implied Watson was committed to the team, as well.

“With the commitment we made to him, I feel like that same commitment would be made to us also,” he said.

When asked about Watson’s status going into the 2021 season Thursday on the NFL’s “Huddle&Flow” podcast, Culley was not as firm about Watson’s status, The Athletic reports.

“He is our starting quarterback as of right now,” Culley said.

Culley said, “Things happen between now and then … and we’ll see what happens,” but he emphasized that Watson is the starting quarterback “right now and hopefully in the future.”

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  1. The Texans absolutely should NOT trade Watson unless the are getting a Herschel Walker type of trade return. They have the real leverage, HE does not. He ain’t going to sit out, he has way more to lose. He will be here and gone for another decade or so. The Texans franchise is here long term relative to him. Let him throw a fit; he is only narrowing his chances at going to a situation that is marginally better than the one he is currently in.

  2. The longer they wait, the less they get on return. Seems to me Watson has more leverage, if he sits out, that makes the Texans worse long term, I’m sure QB needy teams will forgive his decision to sit out. Watson screwed up by signing a contract after they gave Hopkins up, would’ve been easier to get out before signing the contract.

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