Terrell Owens Throws Donovan McNabb Under Bus With Super Bowl Drinking Comments

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Appearing on an episode of Bleacher Report’s Untold Stories, Terrell Owens was in no mood to forget the bad blood between Donovan McNabb and himself. It has been festering for years and culminated Wednesday with Owens stating it was a “fact” that McNabb was drinking the night before Super Bowl XXXIX.

“He’s phony,” Owens told Bleacher Report’s Master Tesfatsion about his old teammate.

“Why would somebody lie? There were teammates that said he threw up in the huddle.”

“I’ve talked to teammates since then and know for a fact that he was out before Super Bowl XXXIX, drinking before the biggest game, pretty much, of all our lives.”

McNabb still stands behind his statement that he didn’t throw up in the huddle. “I did not throw up in the game,” the former Eagles quarterback told Untold Stories in January. Hank Fraley told a different story in 2005 just after the Super Bowl.

“He fought to the end. He gave it his all. He could hardly call the plays. That’s how exhausted he was trying to give it his all,” Fraley told Comcast SportsNet. “He exhausted everything he had. He didn’t get a play call in one time. He mumbled, and Freddie Mitchell yelled out the play we were trying to bring in. He was puking at the same time, trying to hold it in.”

T.O. believes McNabb’s partying contributed to the puking and that Donovan had a history of conditioning problems.

The Eagles lost the Super Bowl 24-21 to the Patriots as Rodney Harrison picked off McNabb — his third of the game — and New England won its third ring in four years.


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  1. McNabb has been a bit of a fraud in his behavior. I’m with T.O. T.O always gave 100%, practiced his craft madly, worked out, made teams a lot better. Once he left the teams were not as good. He called out people maybe a bit too much but most of the time he was right.

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