Only Fans Star Vanessa Sierra Issues Statement As Her Australian Open Quarantine Complaining Story Erupts

Only Fans star Vanessa Sierra is inside the Australian Open quarantine Green Zone with her tennis-playing boyfriend Bernard Tomic (ranked No. 228 in the world), and according to Australian news reports, she's not enjoying herself. It turns out she can't find someone to wash her hair.

Australia's Seven News ran a report on how players are starting to issue demands and then cut to Sierra complaining about the food and the hardship she's under with her hair needing a good wash. It's really heartbreaking to see the Only Fans star go through this.

Her sad story starts at the :58 mark.

Sierra fired up Instagram Story Monday night to issue a statement on this story that has erupted around the world, as people find out about her hair problems.

"I'm getting so many DEATH threats over my hair joke and if people actually WATCHED my vlog instead of going off a news story with incorrect facts they would see I was lighthearted about the entire thing and did not make any complaints - simply did a daily vlog as I always do about my life and circumstances," Sierra wrote on IG Story. "I even said that I don't mind the food situation in quartantine. Didn't realize how many idiots are in this world, but thank you to all my amazing supporters who still have my back through this."

There you go. Fake news, according to Vanessa. She's perfectly fine at the Grand Hyatt hanging out with Bernard and doing whatever you do to pass the time in quarantine.

Sierra told Australian media outlets that the couple "were spending up to 11 hours a day playing Pokemon and World of Warcraft respectively, adding that the pair had spent up to $200 a day ordering food to their hotel because the food provided didn’t always cater to Tomic’s vegan diet."


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