Nadal Australian Open Heckler Who Called Him An 'OCD F-ck' Isn't Apologizing

The woman who was kicked out of the Australian Open for heckling Rafael Nadal while he was preparing to serve during a match against American qualifier Michael Mmoh isn't done talking and isn't done throwing out jabs at her enemy.

'Lisa' as she was called during an interview with Australian radio station 3AW didn't back away from how she feels about the world's No. 2 men's player. She was kicked out of the Open for calling Nadal an "OCD f--k" and now we have ourselves an Australian Open story that people are enjoying.

“I’m certainly not a fan of Nadal … I think he’s incredibly boring and he goes through all those OCD rituals all the time," Lisa told 3AW. "The only reason I happened to be at the match is because I wanted a ticket to see the previous female match between Coco Gauff and Elina Svitolina and I stuck around to watch the boring Nadal.”

“The very fact that apparently pictures of me have gone viral, even around the world, reflects on how incredibly boring his matches are, because why would you want to focus on a spectator?”

As for the rumor that Lisa might've been drunk, she told 3AW "one glass of bubbly" was involved and she "possibly" had a buzz on.

Lisa has tickets for weekend matches but doesn't plan on causing trouble. "I'll be keeping very quiet," she said.

(Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

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