Fans At The US Open Won't Need Masks Or Proof Of Vaccine

If you're planning to attend next week's US Open, brush those pearly whites and throw on a little Alex Rodriguez men's concealer if need be. Your maskless mug just might make into one of those meme-inciting crowd shots. Relying on the "goodwill of the people," the US Open will not be requiring spectators to wear masks or provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination.

In a conference call with media members, Dr. Brian Hainline, a U.S. Tennis Association first vice president and member of its medical advisory board, discussed the decision: “We’re still relying on the goodwill of people. The unvaccinated, although it’s not going to be enforced, really should be wearing masks. … It’s like any other aspect of New York City, going to the baseball game, you make an informed decision. But based on all the data we have — we believe the current policy makes good sense in terms of avoiding any sort of a regional outbreak as a result of this event.”

The Grand Slam tournament begins Monday at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, in Flushing, New York. "This is not a USTA decision or a US Open decision. This is a decision made with New York City," said Dr. Hainline.

Participating players will be tested for COVID-19 upon arriving in New York and then again four days later. Neither players nor fans will be required to show proof of vaccination. Any player who tests positive will be forced to withdraw and self isolate.

In addition to the relaxed stance on masks and vaccines, the US Open will be at full capacity.

Game, Set, Match for Coronabros!

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