Djokovic Rallies in Wimbledon Quarterfinals After Dropping First Two Sets

Never count out the champ. 

Six-time Wimbledon champion and No. 1 seed Novak Djokovic quickly fell behind Jannik Sinner two sets to none but battled back with championship resolve, moving on to the semifinals of Wimbledon in a five-set victory. 

Djokovic lost the first two sets 7-5, 6-2, and told the crowd after the match that he had to give himself a “pep talk” in order to win three sets in a row. 

“As for the first two sets, comparing to the last three, we had probably two different matches,” Djokovic said after the match. “And he was the better player for two sets. I went out, had a little refreshment, a toilet break, and a little pep talk in the mirror.” 

“Sometimes in these kinds of circumstances, where not much is happening positively for you on the court in terms of tennis, and the other guy on the court is dominating the play, sometimes these things are necessary. A little break, a little pep talk and try to recuperate and regather the thoughts.” 

Djokovic moves on to the semifinals against either David Goffin or Cameron Norrie, where he will be a major favorite against either tennis player. Djokovic will be playing for his 21st Grand Slam title, and his fourth consecutive Wimbledon championship. 

“I think the majority of the players would agree, this is the biggest tennis tournament in the history of our game,” Djokovic said in front of the Wimbledon crowd. “This tennis court is the most important one. Definitely in my career and my life. I’ve said this many times before, this court has inspired me to take the tennis racket in my hand for the first time when I was five. Every single time I step on this court, the love affair keeps growing and keeps growing. So hopefully I can maintain that run.”