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Ohio State fans didn’t like how I treated CJ Stroud

There’s no need to print the emails — boy, some of you really let me have it — reacting to my reaction to Stroud going to the Texans. Look, it’s a Saturday morning. I’m at the golf course as you read this post and I don’t want weekend drama so I’m going to move past the Stroud commentary and I’m going to let this all play out.

Odds and ends:

• The 2024 NFL Draft is in Detroit. Let me just say that if the Draft was in Detroit today/tonight, we would be talking about a torrential downpour like what I experienced a couple of years ago in Cleveland at the Draft. The rain eventually stopped that night, but it was windy, cold, fairly miserable.

• All that said, I can’t wait to attend the festivities. Say what you want about Detroit, but you can’t accuse the city of not creating content. There’s always some sort of craziness when I go to the Motor City.

• I’m pretty sure Friday I saw a photo of Cowboys draft pick Mazi Smith in the DFW airport. Jerry doesn’t fly these guys into town on a private jet? Someone tell me I am imagining all of this.

• I can tell you one thing I won’t be paying for down the road when I don’t buy a Mercedes: “Acceleration Increase On-Demand.”

And how exactly does this work? Do you tell Siri to drop $499 on the upgrade while you’re at a stoplight, it kicks in & then you light up the tires off the starting block? Will your acceleration decline over time like an iPhone mysteriously sucking balls two years after you bought the damn thing?

I’ll just be over here driving my Camry around town like I’m 80 and maybe gunning it from time to time — without an acceleration upgrade — just to feel alive.

Testing the boundaries of ChatGPT and it looks like guys seeking younger women are out of luck

• Richard in SC writes:

Thought you’d find this interesting, but a friend of mine was playing around with ChatGPT, and asked it to write a Tinder profile for a 52yo male seeking a hot 26yo female…the result is attached, but (spoiler alert), the woke guardrails in the program refused to do it, and lectured him instead. He thought it was hilarious, and sent it to a group text. I asked him to ask the bot the question in reverse to see what it would do, and, lo and behold, it wrote the profile that time. Now, in fairness, a key word (“hot”) was omitted from the second query, but still… I’m not registered with ChatGPT, so I couldn’t try it myself to confirm. The first result was interesting, regardless. 

Second, Mikayla Demaiter is hot as strain smoke, but does she ever smile???? Keep the apex cougars in the mix…Hurley, Hayek, Funes, etc…you have to be blessed and work at it to look like they do over 40. 

Haven’t seen a cig dispenser in years

• Millennial Chris B. in Bowling Green (OH) is in Baton Rouge for a wedding and spotted this unicorn. Is that $11 for a pack of cigs? If so, holy s–t!

How road MLB teams eat when they’re in Detroit

My buddy Anthony Bellino, a radio host, is also a butcher at his family’s market in Monroe, Michigan that has been owned by someone on his mother’s side for like 120 years.

Today he offers up the news that Danny’s Fine Foods, the store his mom owns and where he slices and dices meat, is the official butcher shop of MLB teams when they come into town to play the Tigers.

This is the first I’ve ever heard of such a thing. According to AB, he cuts the meat to order, they send it to a chef who then whips it up for the teams.

Now this is the content I live for. This is the stuff that fascinates me at this point in my career.

There you go. If you’re in Monroe, or near Monroe, stop into the store and tell them you want the MLB meat package.

TNML on the move

• Mark M. writes:

Thanks for the TNML sticker. The attached pic shows it installed on my 2012 BMW 1200 GS Adventure motorcycle just in time for my 3rd 8000 mile round trip from southern Kalifornia to Alaska. The bike will have over 100k miles after this ride.

I’m a 74 year old retired mechanical engineer, daily Outkick reader with hobbies including golf, sifi books, cooking and an occasional glass of bourbon along with motorcycle travel.

Keep up the good work.


What’s the best motorcycle ride in the United States? I’m talking about a single day ride. Where you going?

I could go on and on this morning….just kidding, I’m on the golf course right now (7:40 tee time — let’s see if I can keep it around 100 playing on a wet track that’s just begging me to go pin seeking) …but you guys have to get to the ballparks, the soccer fields, the volleyball courts, etc.

Go have an incredible weekend.


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