Tennessee Woman Ties Newborn Baby to Wedding Dress

Shona Carter-Brooks was getting married in Jackson, Tennessee and wanted her one-month old baby involved in the ceremony. The only problem was that newborn babies can’t do much of anything themselves. No way to make her the rose girl or the ring bearer. Sure, someone could just hold the baby at the front of the church. Or, you know, she could have held the baby as she walked down the aisle. But come on y’all, that would have been tasteless. 

So Shona did what any smart woman who wanted her baby involved in the wedding would do. 

She tied her to the train of her wedding dress as she walked down the aisle.

The picture has now gone viral — Go Vols! — and Shona Carter-Brooks is not taking your criticism kindly. She posted this on Facebook:

“People questioning what we do, commenting all negative, and just doing the most. We good though we covered by the Blood which never loose its power. So to the media, radio, news, and whomever else wanting to talk about what WE do here you go: Media Media I see how it works regardless the situation or purpose people gone have something negative to say! The answer is we do what we want when we want long as Jesus on our side everything worked out fine and gone continue to be fine. Our 1 month old was awake and well secured on my train. Most important while yall got ya feelings in us we had our hearts in Christ which covers all!! So keep ya mouths running for it was just that Exclusive and Epic enough we made top blog way from small town Ripley, TN and the social media doing what they do, TALK!!!!” 

So there, haters. 

Y’all just got served. 


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.