Tennessee Recruit Visits Auburn, Tries To Get Recruits To Attend Tennessee

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Preston Williams, a four star receiver, took an official visit to Auburn this past weekend. Tennessee fans were nervous that Williams, a Vol commit since September of 2013, might be wavering on his commitment to Tennessee. What if, be still their big orange hearts, he flipped to Auburn?!

Then something strange happened. The buzz fizzled and Williams left Auburn’s campus early.

What happened? 

According to Rocky Top Insider, Vol fans didn’t need to worry.

“Williams did end up making the trip, but ended up leaving the visit a day early. The rumors out of Auburn were that Williams was “being a distraction” and “disrupting the weekend,” but we are hearing that Williams was actually asked to leave by Auburn staff members because he showed up wearing nothing but Tennessee apparel and was actively recruiting other visitors to join him at Tennessee.” 

Well, I’ll be damned. 

UPDATE: Williams called into local Knoxville radio and told his side of the story.

Just when you think you’ve heard everything in recruiting something new comes along and blows your mind. Butch Jones has a sleeper cell Vol out here going on official visits to other campuses and trying to persuade guys to come to Tennessee instead of the school they’re actually visiting.

That’s down right diabolical.

So diabolical that I can’t believe Nick Saban hasn’t been doing it for five years by now. The recruiting news is coming fast and furious today. 

Here I am, expecting to come back to my Phoenix hotel and take it easy watching The Bachelor — an hour late on Mountain time, mind you, so that I’m seeing all your spoilers. How do you expect me to worry about Boko Haram when I can’t even watch The Bachelor live? — and Don Lemon in the Blizzard mobile on CNN and recruiting season just takes over. We’ve got Texas guys ready to brawl over a quarterback and Tennessee sending out sleeper cell recruits.

Pretty soon — and I’m not making this up y’all — someone is going to start using alcohol, women, and money to get top football players to come to their school. I’m telling y’all it’s going to happen. That’s where this is all headed. It’s a slippery slope.   


Auburn fan sites claim that Williams was smoking pot in his hotel room and asked to leave. 

Williams called into local Knoxville radio and defended himself:

“That’s how people get when you don’t want to do something, they try to put bad word out on you, rumors and stuff,” he said. “I just let them put rumors out on me and people are going to believe what they want to believe because they have their own opinion.”

So why did Williams leave early?

“I just didn’t want to be there anymore,” he said. “I was ready to go home. I was forced into the visit.”

Williams said he made a late decision to take a trip to Auburn after coaches visited him on Thursday.

“I didn’t plan on going,” he said.

Williams said it’s true that he was wearing Tennessee apparel during the trip, which he said upset Auburn staff members.

“They told me to take it off,” he said. “They were getting mad.”

So come to your own conclusions here. We report, you decide. It’s even possible, clutch your pearls, that Williams wore orange, recruited for Tennessee, and smoked pot. HE MIGHT HAVE DONE ALL THREE!

Meanwhile, I’m just glad Auburn doesn’t have any players who smoke pot. 

Written by Clay Travis

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