Tennessee Pastor Giving Boot To Members Of Congregation Wearing Masks

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A Tennessee pastor spoke to his congregation using the subtlety of the Song of Songs — and Revelation-like ultimatums — to denounce mask wearing and COVID posturing inside his church.

Amen to that.

During a Sunday sermon, Pastor Greg Locke at Global Vision Bible Church — located in Nashville, TN — delivered some fiery warnings to pro-PPE philistines looking to shut down his church, and how he plans to clear his pews of anyone who adopts the Mark of the Least.

“If they go through round two and you start showing up (with) all these masks and all this nonsense, I will ask you to leave,” announced Pastor Locke, recounting previous calls for his church to shut down over lack of masking and social distancing.

Since the start of the pandemic, the church leader has vehemently defied mask mandates assigned to gatherings. He has also preached common sense to fellow pastors who have been duped by thirty pieces of silver’s worth of public health advice.

“A bunch of pastors talking about how much they want to see people heal and they’re afraid to baptize people because of a Delta variant — I’m sick of it.”

Pastor Locke reminded his viewers that there will be hell to pay if his church is ever shut down over masks — which does nothing to reduce the spread of the illness.

“They will be serving Frosties in hell before we shut this place down.”

The pastor remains keen on praying for the wisdom of Solomon and the fervor of Elisha to do what it takes to welcome everyone into his house of worship — minus those pesky health inspectors.

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    • First reaction is to think that because we’re modern thinkers, however Christian worship is highly symbolic and rooted in imagery. There’s a lot of theology behind this concept. The head and face of a man is a reflection of Christ’s headship over him, so in worship it must not be covered out of honor to Jesus Christ. Men are actually commanded quite directly in in 1 Corinthians 11:4 not to cover their heads when praying, because their head represents the glory of God’s headship over man. To cover something is a sign of shame, so a man should never cover his head in worship. Pastors actually have firmer biblical ground to argue against masking during worship or prayer than appealing to common sense or science.

        • Then don’t comment on how someone wants to run their congregation if you don’t even respect the religion itself. This is why faith based people just ignore any critique an atheist has about their faith or practices cuz you absolutely know nothing about it but feel you have the right to criticize and comment on it.

    • Also how is he just as bad if we want to end this stupid fucking game of Covid charades…this is why conservatives have no idea how to win anything optically in 2021. Sorry bud unless we start shaming and humiliating the people promoting and enforcing this fucking lunacy then nothing will change whatsoever. Idk how that isn’t obvious yet considering in every state that has banned mandates for mask etc. the liberal activists within the institutions in the state continue to defy them and dictate the national narrative. It’s far past time to fight Propaganda fire with fire. Stop trying to be nice and respectful these people respect nothing about you or your beliefs in liberty and freedom so return the favor to their authoritarian worldview.

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