Tennessee Man’s Cardi B. “WAP” Moment Gets Him Stabbed, Arrested

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Tennessee man Richard Gibson, 67, might be a Cardi B. “WAP” fan because he dropped a line on his roommate Shaea Walker, 43, that ended up getting him stabbed with scissors and it sounds like it’s straight off the huge summer hit.

“Are you going to give me some of that pussy?” Gibson allegedly asked Walker, according to an arrest report obtained by ScoopClarksville.com. Walker gave the old timer the cold shoulder and that’s when he told her to move out. Things got wild and Richard got shanked by Shaea.

Both of them ended up in the pen. Richard’s in on domestic assault while Shaea was hit with an aggravated assault charge.

Look, I don’t know what the living arrangements were here. Did Richard have an understanding? It’s possible. Did Richard try to overdraw his account with Shaea? Very possible. He could’ve gotten greedy and tried to get a cash advancement and she wasn’t down. Or maybe she didn’t understand the contract they drew up god knows when.

Something tells me these two won’t be sliding into each other’s DMs to apologize. Zero chance this relationship works out.

Woman stabs man with scissors

via Montgomery County (TN) Sheriff’s Office

Shaea during better times when she didn’t have to deal with some old timer running his mouth:

Posted by Shaea Leigh Walker on Saturday, September 8, 2018

Written by Joe Kinsey

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