Hilarious Video Shows SEC Referees Running For Their Lives After Tennessee Beat Alabama

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Saturday was a big day in Knoxville, Tennessee. After losing to Alabama for 16 consecutive years, Tennessee took down the big, bad Crimson Tide in epic fashion and broke the disheartening streak.

Head coach Josh Heupel and the Volunteers made a massive statement with the win. They are not only undefeated, but firmly in College Football Playoff contention.

Considering the amount of hype surrounding the game in the days leading up, it was sure to be a scene if Tennessee pulled off the upset. And, well, sure enough, it was.

As soon as the clock struck zero with the Vols on top, the madness began. Fans stormed onto the field, the goal posts were ripped down and carried out, and the victory cigar smoke created a massive haze above Neyland Stadium.

Whether you hate the Vols or love the Vols — if you are a true fan of college football — the postgame scenes in East Tennessee were everything that you can ask for from this crazy, silly, beautiful sport.

And the pandemonium is surely long from over. Tennessee fans, wearing Orange from head to toe, will be out celebrating until the wee hours of Sunday morning.

On the flip side of things, the Crimson Tide will head home sad. Nick Saban’s team did not enjoy losing, obviously, and surely got off of the field as quickly as they could following the loss.

Nobody got off of the field after Tennessee beat Alabama faster than the officials.

The Vols won the game on a walk-off field goal. As soon as the ball went between the uprights, the back judge and field judge signaled that it was good and then TOOK OFF RUNNING.

The officiating crew was well aware of the ensuing chaos and got the heck out of there before they got caught up in it all. It made for a hilarious moment that, I for one, can’t say that I have ever seen before!

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