Tennessee Fan Twon Hiroshima Unfazed By Vol Player Arrests

We haven’t spent much time writing about the Tennessee house party gone awry because it pretty much sounds like a typical college house party that went bad.

There was drinking, drugs, underage drinking, basically your typical weekend on any college campus. 

TMZ is all over it, however.

Team captain AJ Johnson was arrested along with a host of other Volunteers. (Said in the same voice that the PA announcer in Knoxville uses when the defense actually tackles someone. So back in 2005).

Quoth TMZ:

“Cops say …. another player, 20-year-old defensive lineman Danny O’Brien, was also hammered and combative and was taken into custody “after a brief struggle.”

Cops cited 3 other football players — Curt Maggitt (LB), Jakob Johnson (LB) and Jalen Reeves-Maybin (LB) — who allegedly provided booze and weed to underage party guests, including:

— Dontavius Blair (OL)
— Dimarya Mixon (DL)
— Justin Coleman (DB)
— Malik Brown (DL)”

So, yeah, no big deal. 

But then my old buddy Mark Nagi, a former sportscaster in town, sent along this screen shot of the Tennessee fan that a local Knoxville NBC newscast chose to interview about the incident. 

And, well, it’s basically glorious.

Of all the UT fans in the city that the local news could have picked out, they went with this guy. 

I have no idea what this interview sounded like, but I’m pretty sure it was spectacular. 

Meet Tennessee fan Twon Hiroshima. 


No big deal, he’s just a usual UT fan who happens to be named after a crippling attack that helped to end World War II. And, oh, he also happens to sit around and play the banjo in cold parks while wearing his Nashville Predators hat and what appear to be Christmas tree earrings. 

Twon’s hard to find on the Internet — you’d think someone named Twon Hiroshima would stand out a bit — but here’s his MySpace page, which is pretty much the only Internet footprint he has.

Nothing to see here, says Twon.  

Just a typical party. 

They’re just livin’ man. 


All right, all right, all right. 

P.S., please send us the video of this interview. 

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.