Tennessee Associate AD Contacted FBI About Manning Accuser Harassment In 2015

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USA – SEPTEMBER 20: Peyton Manning of the Tennessee Volunteers looks on against the Florida Gators on September 20, 1997. (Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images) The Sporting News

In the fall of 2015 University of Tennessee associate athletic director Carmen Tegano, who has been at the school for 32 years and maintained a close relationship with Peyton Manning, told Outkick that he received multiple harassing phone calls from former Tennessee trainer Jamie Naughright, the woman who accused Peyton Manning of pulling his pants down in her presence in 1996 as part of a 33 count sexual harassment claim she made against the University. Naughright later sued Manning for defamation and violating the nondisclosure agreement of her sexual harassment lawsuit in 2002. That civil case was settled between the parties in December of 2003.  

During the first call in September of 2015, which Tegano described to Outkick as “rambling, threatening and incoherent,” Tegano said “I didn’t know who was on the other line at first because the caller would not identify herself. She just kept saying, ‘You know who this is.’ Eventually she said it was her (Jamie Naughright). I can’t recall the last time I had talked to her prior to this call, at least ten years ago. After three or four minutes I hung up on her.” 

A few weeks later another call arrived at the house. After a short, incoherent conversation Tegano said he hung up on her again. The third time Naughright called the house in the fall of 2015, “My wife answered and she said something very rude to her (my wife) and I hung up on her again.”

The next time Naughright called, it came from a blocked phone number Tegano said. “There was no sound on the other end of the line, just breathing. After a minute or so of breathing, Jamie identified herself and started making rambling threats again. I hung up again.”

Tegano discussed the calls with others at the university and found he was not the only person receiving calls from Naughright during this time frame. Indeed, these calls mirror a series of strange Facebook posts that Naughright — who has since deleted her Facebook page — posted according to multiple Outkick sources.

Some of those Facebook posts are included here.  

Upset by Naughright’s erratic behavior and continued harassment, Tegano contacted the Knoxville FBI in November of 2015 to have them investigate Naughright’s calls and assess whether or not she was a threat. Asked why he contacted the FBI and not the local police, Tegano said, “It was an out-of-state call. I don’t know what the law is on that and I had a relationship with him (the agent).” Tegano met with FBI agent Gary Rizzo in person in Knoxville to discuss his concerns.  

“The FBI didn’t tell me what happened,” Tegano said — and the office declined to comment when reached by Outkick — but the calls stopped.

On Saturday morning Naughright, who had been out of the sports news for 13 years, reemerged via a New York Daily News report on her 2002 lawsuit.

“I didn’t understand the reasons for her calls,” Tegano said, “I still don’t.” 

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